Is there a way to Smoke in Jails without getting Caught

Yes. When inmates are ready to smoke, all they need to do is to go to the bathroom. There, they can put the shower on, and ensure that it is the hot water running. As the steam fills the bathroom, the inmate can light his or her cigarette and enjoy smoking. When the guards see the smoke coming out of the shower, they will think that it is the steam from the shower, and they are unlikely to come and bother the inmate. When the inmate is done with smoking, he or she needs to flush the remainder of the cigarette.

Whoever takes tobacco to an inmate in jail is risking. To ensure that they are not caught, these people must ensure that they do not smuggle the tobacco too often. To maximize the opportunity, the cigarettes are usually opened up, and only the tobacco in them is smuggled into the jail. This ensures that the cigarettes last longer, because the inmate will only roll a small amount of tobacco each time he or she wants to smoke. So, once a friend has smuggled tobacco in for an inmate, the inmate has to use the tobacco sparingly. Visitors to jail usually smuggle tobacco into jails by storing it in their pants’ cuffs. Tobacco can also be smuggled into jails by taking in small amounts in pockets. The amount of tobacco in the pocket should be so small that when the visitor is patted by the guards,nothing will be felt. Dismantling cigarettes also ensures that the there is nothing for the guards to feel when they pat the visitor. A cigarettes would definitely be felt, and that is why they are avoided.

In jail, the inmate will obviously have no paper to wrap the tobacco. However, toilet paper is allowed in jail, and someone who smokes can use the paper that wraps the toilet paper to wrap up the tobacco and smoke. The paper that wraps up toilet paper is very thin and easy to flush. After enjoying his or her smoking, the inmate would then flush the remainder of the cigarettes and leave the bathroom. This way, the inmate would have smoked in jail without getting caught.

The problem is that cigarettes leave a smell behind, and the smoking inmate who dos not want to get caught has to deal with this. Inmates in jail are given chemicals for cleaning by the houseman. Any time, the houseman can be asked for cleaning chemicals. These chemicals can be mixed to create an “air freshener” to kill the smell of the cigarettes, so that “nosy” guards and honest inmates cannot smell anything. Usually, inmates share the cigarettes. Cigarettes are addictive, and inmates are only glad to be able to have a puff. They are unlikely to tell since they would not want the source of their pleasure to be stopped. Inmates can smoke as many times as they can visit the bathroom. Guards love clean inmates, so they are likely to love inmates who are so clean that they have a shower more than once a day !Besides, guards do not really keep track of how many times inmates have a shower each day. There is definitely a way to smoke in jails without getting caught.

(The writer does not smoke and has never been to jail. This article was written after an interview with a former jail inmate who smoked while he was in jail and never got caught).