How easy is it for you to save money? Then again, are you really adding to your accumulated wealth or are you just saving the purchasing power of what you already have?

Like it or not, there is a certain amount of price inflation within the economy of the United States of America every year because there is one law of economics that apparantly is true. That particular law of economics states that prices and wages are not downwardly mobile. Like most laws of economics, there is at least one exception to this law. That being, prices and wages will decrease during times of severe economic recessions and/or depressions. When people are desperate for a job or a business owner is about to go bankrupt only then will prices and/or wages decline on average.

One sector of the economy can cause an economic downturn of another sector of the economy. You now see what happens when the price for energy increases, causing price increases for every good and/or service that depends upon the use of energy to produce the product and/or transport that product to the consumer. The resulting inflation causes labor unrest and increased demands for higher wages.

Therefore, the politics of that situation gets worse if the elected politicians do not put an end to such price extortion. In this case, it seems that the oil companies and the owners and the controllers of many multinational corporations are to blame for the current “Great Recession of 2008.”

So now you have a few ideas of how you can save some money or preserve the purchasing power of your accumulated wealth. One of which is the fact that “We People of the United States of America” need politicians who are willing and able to put an end to such greed, as well as put an end to “Job Outsourcing” by the owners and the controllers of multinational corporations.

Then again, we need to be able to invest our money in things that will allow our accumulated wealth to retain or even increase the purchasing power of our accumulated wealth. In the short term there seems to be no such opportunities outside of the Real Estate sector and the commodities sector. That is why you see a great deal of speculation within those sectors these days. Such investments offer or have the potential for huge gains within the future, because what goes down eventually rises during the long term. That is due to the fact that prices and wages are not downwardly mobile.

What you do purchase today for pennies on the dollar can be worth dollars at a future date and thus increase your wealth. Besides putting your extra money in a bank you can buy things that you know will increase in value within the future. Such items include works of art, antiques, gold, silver, copper and other metals and collectibles.

Come to think of it, there are dozens of ways to increase your accumulated wealth, besides just adding to the amount of money that you are saving for your retirement or increasing your retirement nest egg if you are retired from the workforce.