How to Spend a Dollar

Just think you only have one dollar. In today’s recession it is not much, but there are ways to use it wisely. You could spend it on fun stuff, invest in the market, donate to a charity, pay bills, or simply save it. This all depends on the kind of person you are. Right now saving that dollar would be a personal choice.

Spending The Dollar

With a dollar you could enjoy yourself with a nice drink or gas money to go to the local park. You might want to think wisely about the decision that you make. Even though it is not much it just take a little to do a lot. Say if you spend the money for gas to go to a park. You can enjoy the scenery, take walks, and maybe mingle. With a dollar you have just accomplished a days worth of entertainment and fun.

Investing The Dollar

If you decide to invest with the dollar it might be a wise choice. You could lift the chances of getting your money back and maybe more. If you invest in a successful stock your dollar could double instantly, but the way the economy has been for the last couple of years it probably won’t happen. 

Stock Price= 1.00×2 years= $?

Donating The Dollar

With your dollar you decide to donate it to charity. By doing this you are helping other people. It is a very generous thing to do. By doing so you might be helping yourself in the future. What i mean by that is if you donate to healthcare for the poor. You might go poor one day and be very sick and you could rely on the support of the charity.

Paying Bills With The Dollar

If you decide to pay bills with the dollar you are helping yourself. You are coming out of debt and on to a better life. Also you will keep your house warm, as well has having electricity. Also you could be paying off your new car and having a better credit score.

Saving The Dollar

Saving the dollar for a different day would be the thing to do. Say one day you are at the mall and you see something you need. You have the extra money to pay for it and that is the reward of saving your money. Saving the money basically always give you a back up plan.

Those are five ways to spend a dollar. It’s up to you how you choose to spend it. Always think about the result short-term and long-term.