How to Save Money on Textbooks

As a student, I was tired of spending more than $500 each semester buying textbooks. Along with my classmates looking to save, I spent hours online looking for the best deals, while others went down the block to the bookstore and paid the premium for convenience. Over the years, more and more of my classmates have seen how much money could be saved by planning ahead and have turned to online vendors to save money on these costs.

Dozens of textbook vendors and, in the past year, textbook renters have surfaced to help students on a budget. While all of these sites claim to have the lowest prices available online, finding the best deals was a cumbersome process that required manual comparison shopping across these various vendors and renters. That is, until price comparison sites emerged to help students navigate this extensive marketplace, automatically scanning the deals and providing a summary of all the prices offered. 

We have used travel price comparison sites such as Kayak and Priceline for years. Book price comparison site has applied the same concept to save students time and money when shopping for textbooks. connects students to the inventories of the most reputable textbook renters and vendors, allowing students to compare prices for all books across the web in just seconds. Not sure if renting is the best option available for the books that you need? knows! By offering all purchasing and selling options, makes it easy for students to truly save the most on their books.

Unique to is its database of school specific information for over 1,500 schools that enables students to find their books at the cheapest price possible, without looking at even one syllabus. If your school is not yet supported, just email and for the meantime, search for your book by the ISBN or title. Once students complete their courses, they may sell their books back at the highest price possible. also knows how important timing is for students and offers search filters for each student’s shipping needs.

The average user saves 60% on their total textbook purchase, leaving them with more cash to spend on things that really matter this fall. Shopping for books online has never been faster, easier, or smarter – so students can stop searching and start learning!