How to Save Money after College

Graduating college into a professional career and find that you need every thing, clothes, car, place to live, insurance, and more. Only a genie could provide all these things at once. The most urgent thing on your mind is a savings account as you calculate the cost of living.

How do you keep your paycheck from shrinking to make ends meet without going into debt? Keeping up with a lifestyle expected from your professional peers can be very demanding. They take success for granted or do they? Some will remember standing in your shoes and others may have college graduates your age. They know you are new, first professional job, and now a colleague.

Plan and budget is a key guide. Organize a list of immediate priorities to follow and these tips will help you recover from your expectations of what you need and show you how to find the help that you need. Along the way, you will discover how to save money.

Tip #1: Take the cash gifts that you receive for graduation and open a savings account. Like a bottle of fine wine, these small funds savor for years to come. Now you have a place to deposit your pocket change.

Tip #2: You can get by in an office setting for a while with two dress suits, six dress shirts and as many ties. It is just a start and you will be able build a full wardrobe within the year. Good grooming and a professional haircut are important to keep up appearances.

Tip #3: Look for an economical efficiency apartment close to your job. Save money on rent, transportation, and parking fees. Use your older model car for weekend errands and this will reduce your insurance rates.

Tip #4: Save money on entertainment when you go out with your friends. Signing contracts for cable TV will limit your funds and your savings. Look for discounts on concert tickets and go to open festivals that sponsor musical events. Go out and enjoy life for a reasonable sum.

Tip #5: Wait until you are out of debt before you make future commitments. Square away your college loans before thinking about buying a house. There is nothing that is a one in a lifetime chance especially investments.

The savings account that you started after college will keep you on track when pressured to make a decision to spend. A saver and his money are hard to separate. Practice good spending habits when using credit cards and primarily use them for traveling.