How to Pay for College if You’re not Rich

If you are not rich enough to fund your College education yourself, these

groups of co-students are bound to help you out. All you need do is identify

them and make yourself available to them.

Which groups of co-students? You want to know instantly?

Hold on and read the following story first.

He was due for study leave with pay. Yet, the leave was turned down on

administrative grounds!

However, the conversion of his accumulated annual leaves to cash payment was

approved and this, he used to foot himself very well in the first year on


“How will you get sponsored for the remaining years?”

That question came to him again and again.

Because he knew about the principle that says whenever there are changes

around us (e.g in law, culture or technology) someone gets richer, he became

an observer of changes.

He picked just a change in a technology and he made the principle workable to

personally raise funds.

Finally he came out a person who always proves that raising funds for one’s

college education is truly workable the quick and easy ways when:

(a) one piggybacks on specific trends – especially modern ones [i.e.without

necessarily relying on gratis or grant funding].

(b) one has eyes for details on the out-of-campus world.

(c) one is able to identify and is available to co-students who are there to

help one out.

That story is my own story; the story of how I got co-students (even

lecturers and staff) into providing funds for my education throughout College

and it is told here to assure you that self-sponsoring one’s college

education is workable the quick and easy ways than most of us ever thought.

Let me tell you here that the change principle mentioned above and the three

listed key points altogether served as the tools which turned me out to become

a ‘lecturer’ of my lecturers and co-students. If you find funding your

college education uneasy, I am sure the tools, if you put them to use, will

make things easy for you on campus.

Which groups of co-students are bound to help me out after identifying and

making myself available to them? You still ask?

Before I tell you about identifying and making yourself available to the

targeted co-students, you must be ready to do the following:

1. Piggyback on Specific Trends

I don’t know if you have noticed the principle mentioned above. Using my

case of change in technology will be suitable here.

As already pointed out above, I applied for a study leave with pay for my

degree course. Though the leave was not approved, I proceeded with high

determination. While I was striving to get steady source of income at the

end of my first year in school, I just remembered that it was a technological

change that forced all secretarial staff in my former workplace to get

trained in word processing in order to use personal computers for office work

instead of typewriters.

I observed that the same force has blown across my campus leaving around

unmet needs for computer training all over my school community. Having

already acquired skills, as a Confidential Secretary, in computer-based word

processing, I was ready to grab the opportunity of sharing the skills with my


In short, a link with the Computer Studies Department of my school made me a

well-paid word processing ‘lecturer’ in my school community.

Though your own case may not be as my own, but I know that you have what it

takes to piggyback on trends around you. At the latter part of this article,

you will read about personal qualities you have and which you can easily use

to build needed college funds out of specific trends.

2. Use Eyes for Details on the Out-of-Campus World

Have you ever viewed the campus as another world?

When I noted the contrast between ‘on-campus’ and ‘off-campus’, I saw two

difference worlds. I saw that many service businesses obtaining beyond the

walls of my campus were completely duplicated or tailor-made as students’

versions; to befit the campus world.

Having eyes for details on the off-campus money-making activities requires

that you observe, learn yourself or get trained in them for consequent

‘importing’ to your campus.

Of course, you will be amazed of what becomes of you by using your

eyes-for-details tool very well. You will begin to see profitable activities

that were not obvious to you before and you will be able to produce ideas

that will offer you new cash-rewarding activities.

For example, while I was looking for extended ways of raking in extra income

with my computer skills on campus. I discovered that almost all those who

have undertaken their training through my tutoring were having no personal

computers of their own due, perhaps, to high prices of PCs then.

The capacity of the Computer Department could not absorb all intending

trainees then just like the two cafes on campus could not cope with the

number of students demanding services, training and practising sessions. I

never had the capital to establish a training centre and the concerned

students, again, faced the problem of high costs involved in getting trained

or in securing time for practising outside the campus.

I needed to fix things up.

My eyes for details led me to the fact that I could buy bulk computer hours,

sell at premium to students and monitor their attendance with a simple time

table. This really worked out using the same school computer centre late in

the evening from Monday to Friday.

Less I forget, I also sold my fast typewriting skills to my own Department by

being a ‘busy-days’ paid worker along with training the staff there and other

Departments. Initially, I was making money typing academic project for my

co-students overnights. Later, I turned out to be a contractor collecting

manuscripts of projects, distributing same for typing in the city and

returning finished projects, all at profits to me.

You don’t need to do any high-tension brain-storming. Just be observant or

read so widely to know about money-making ideas that can be newly introduced

or duplicated on campus.

Before my final year in school, I had become a campus photographer. Little

time into practising photography, I saw the digital world of photography and

imaging business emerging. Readings on-line and off-line provided me some

knowledge in these and, consequently, an introductory manual written by me on

this emergence and shared on/off-campus proved to be another good source for

funding myself. This adds that writing about what you know or do is another

inlet to get yourself supported financially.

Now, let me tell you who are your waiting sponsors.

Your ready-made waiting sponsors are your co-students who have to pay you for

offering services of your own choice. Sponsoring you therefore means paying

you for what you offer them. In fact, your school fees and feeding

allowances are in their hands.

These co-student-sponsors are in needs and wants. They have the money to

always put in your hands provided you have what to offer them to meet their

needs. If you can hit the needs and wants of the lazy and busy ones, then

you are on the fast lane to building funds for your college education. My

lecturers were the busy types and their tight schedules earned me extra

‘inconvenience allowances’ for training them when they thought it was not

convenient for me to be with them.

I have told you that the fastest way to get to your sponsors is to ride on a

particular trends – if not fashion it can be music. If not music, it can be

anything you have passion for and for which your co-students have same. When

their time is so tight to allow doing common things themselves, arrange for

making your own available to them. If it is needed information, provide this

as a paid service. This information has helped two student trainees of mine

to become professional online researchers serving other students to garner

academic information online just between lecture hours – using lecture rooms

freely as both collection points and distribution points. As an additional

example, a group of self-funded students initiated by me provided tutoring in

selected subjects to the children of some of my school staff every weekend in

their own quarters. Other instances abound.

You have been informed already of the place from where you can quickly copy

and import your services to the campus.

The last thing you need to do is the reality check of your knowledge (K),

access to information (I) skills (S), and experience (X). I call this call

all these KISX. Everybody has each of these and everybody can deploy their

mix – no matter their levels – for self-sourcing needed funds.

Doing my own reality check before starting my campus money-making activities,

I could not specifically write down what professional bodies of knowledge I

possessed but I was able to pinpoint my skills (e.g. 50/100 words per minute

in Typewriting/Shorthand and computer-based word-processing), experience

(e.g. a little above 7 years experience as a Confidential Secretary) and

access to information (e.g. in diverse publications and much later on the

Internet). These are what I used as raw materials for my computer tutoring


By that levels of your own KISX, you are quite qualified to achieve the

objective of self-funding. Just do your own reality check to help you

rightly fill the needs and wants of your identified sponsors. Note that only

major samples of KISX are given above. I have not broken down my skills into

writing skills , people skills etc. Neither I have listed my experience in

public speaking, personal coaching etc. Doing your reality check should not

be a one-off thing. Make it a practice and you will be surprised of the

saleable unique personal qualities you have to make use of now for building

funds for your college education.

On the last note, I want you to know that this is not an exhaustive article

on funding yourself in College. It not prescriptive too. It is just a bit to

prick you into your own world of earning while you’re learning – ONLY BY


My experience doing ‘businesses’ on campus was not as pretty as you’ve read

it here. It had ups and downs but all were effectively managed. I never

allowed my fund-raising activities to overshadow my academic

responsibilities. I am sure that your case will not be similar. However, I

know you are eligible to make it.

Check out your qualifications to excel in doing it and ACT.

Don’t wait to start later. START now. …with just what you have inside you

and outside you NOW.

The results of exporting my cash-making experience on campus to the

off-campus world is a success story that will fill series of ebooks or books!

You need not wait anymore.

You can get on all alone without people’s gratis or public grants.

Dare to DO it now. You’ll be dazed.

To your success.