How to Find Unclaimed Property in Delaware

The State of Delaware provides residents and non-residents alike easy access to unclaimed property listings. Like other states, Delaware charges no fees for investigation of property or claiming property. For some, the question is how to find unclaimed property in Delaware.

Types of property

Delaware unclaimed property laws provide for various institutions including banks, stores and other financial institutions to turn over assets that are abandoned. Abandoned property may include stock, dividend payments or gift certificates that have not been cashed in. In addition, deposits made for utilities, contents of safe deposit boxes and funds from abandoned checking and savings accounts may become unclaimed property.

Conducting a search

Searching for unclaimed property is a simple process. Users can go to the State of Delaware website and review their unclaimed property page. Here you will find information regarding the types of properties that are held by the state as well as instructions on how to conduct a search.

There are several options available to conduct a search:

A) PDF files – the State of Delaware provides a PDF list of unclaimed property. These lists are updated only one time annually (typically in October) and are posted online. The lists are broken into alphabetic sorts allowing quicker downloads.

B) Online search – Delaware also provides an option for searching their database online via last name or street address search. When using last names, you may have to type in common misspelled names to find property.

C) Direct contact – Those who feel that there may be property held by the State of Delaware that cannot be found by either searching the PDF files or the online search may also contact the office directly. This is commonly used during the year when online lists and databases may not be updated. For general questions, contact the State of Delaware unclaimed property division at 302-577-8220.  For specific information regarding escheatment claims it is possible to email the unclaimed property division at

Because the information on unclaimed property in the State of Delaware is public, it is advisable to be leery of any contact from a company professing to have “found” property that belongs to you and offering to help. Remember, claiming property that belongs to you (or a deceased family member) is possible without paying a fee. The State of Delaware offers step by step instructions to help users find unclaimed property, place a claim and track their claims. The process is free and requires the user to fill out the proper claim forms and provide additional information that may be required in Delaware.