How to Find Unclaimed Property in Arkansas

If you or your family live in Arkansas, or have lived in Arkansas, there is a possibility you may have some unclaimed property there. Unclaimed property can be in the form of stocks, bonds, dividends, payroll checks, paid-up insurance policies, insurance proceeds, inheritances, and safety deposit boxes (which can include items such as jewelry, baseball cards, stamps, coins, and other personal documents).

Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies report abandoned property to the Arkansas State Auditor’s Office. However, it can take as long as fifteen years after they are abandoned before they are reported, so the property can long forgotten about. To help unite owners with their lost assets, the Arkansas Unclaimed Property Division publishes lists in the state’s newspapers of all the current year’s property waiting to be claimed. Since 1980, $74 million in unclaimed property has been returned. But there is still a whopping $170 million in unclaimed property waiting to be claimed at this time. This article explains how to check if you have any unclaimed property in Arkansas and if so, how to claim it.

The easiest way to find out if you have any unclaimed property in Arkansas is to go to The Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt. This is the state’s unclaimed property online search engine at The Arkansas Auditor of State website. Simply enter your last name in the search box and see what results pop up. If any matches are found, a link to “file a claim” will appear. Click on the link and it will open up a form for you to complete. Complete the form, print it, and then have it notarized. Next, mail the form along with the required identification (at the minimum a Driver’s License and the property owners social security number) and mail it to Auditor of State, UCP Division, PO Box 251920, Little Rock, AR. 72225-1920 and be sure to retain a copy for your records.

In some cases, such as if you are an heir or an officer of a company, other forms and identification may be needed. If you have any questions on what forms and identification are needed for your specific situation, you may contact the Auditor’s office by calling 501-682-9174 or 800-252-4648, or by email at Once your claim form has been received, allow up to 90 days for processing and to receive your payment.