Five Meals you can Bring to Work for under 200

It seems that in today’s changing economy, it is getting harder and harder to stretch a dollar and make the ends meet at the end of every month. Sometimes, it seems that we go to work all day and by the time we tally in the expenses associated with going there, we haven’t really made much at all. Between appropriate clothing, gas and car maintenance, miscellaneous supplies, and meals, we might begin to feel like we may as well have just stayed home for the day.

There are ways that we can cut back on at least one of these expenses and that is lunch time. Rather than going out for a bite to eat, why not begin to pack a lunch that will be not only nutritious, but will save you a substantial amount of money every week? The following are some lunch ideas that you can have at work for under two dollars a day!

*Cold cut sandwiches can be made for only the cost of two slices of bread, a slice each of meat and cheese, a dollop of your spread of choice, and some lettuce. This is well under two dollars, so go ahead and add a piece of fruit on the side. If you find good prices on those items, you may even be able to add a small bag of potato chips!

*When you are making your family’s meal the night before, make enough so that you can take some left-overs with you to work the following day. This is especially good for nights that you are having casseroles or pasta dishes, although some meats will be fine, too. A chicken leg, for example, is usually about fifty cents when bought in family packs and when combined with a small dinner salad, makes a wonderful and healthy lunch for under two dollars.

*Soups and stews that you make at home are usually well under one dollar per serving when you make a big pot. Pair this up with a nice roll or some zesty crackers and you will have a satisfying meal on the cheap!

*If you aren’t a fan of cooking or making a lunch in the morning, fear not. There are still things that you can stock your freezer with to grab and go. Hot Pockets are under two dollars apiece, as are those Banquet brand frozen dinners. There are cup of noodles, cans of chili, and even some soups that can be found for under two dollars. These can even be kept at the office with you in most cases so you only need to stock up once a week or so. The rest of the time, just pick what you want from your supply and heat up a great lunch.