Discounted Home Appliances

Money Saving Tips: Where to Find Discounted Home Appliances

First, I would suggest you look in the advertisements of your local newspaper. Here in the U.S. our Sunday Editions of local newspapers will have ads from almost all of the local merchants.

You can also call around to your area appliance stores and ask if they have any specials, sales, or even scratch and dent pieces that are discounted, but maybe did not get advertised. If you are needing multiple pieces, then ask if they have additional discounts for purchasing multiple items. They might even have mail-in rebates for additional savings.

If you don’t have to have new appliances, then check your local listings for estate sales or for individuals who are selling off their old appliances in order to remodel. Often, these appliances will work fine, but maybe just have a little scratch here and there.

Another good place to find discounted home appliances is to go on the internet and search at or maybe even Even if the people advertising can’t haul the appliances for you, then you can always look into hiring a local moving company or even grab a couple of friends with a truck.

Then there’s always the used appliance stores. Sometimes these dealers will give you a warranty on their products even though they are not new. If you’re fortunate enough to have an appliance outlet store or an appliance close-out center in your area, then this can be a good place to price shop as well.

There are plenty of websites out there that will deliver new appliances to your door. Something that you might want to try is go to your local appliances store and price all of the items you like. Be sure to write down the model numbers and the brand name such as GE, Maytag, Whirlpool, etc. of models you like. When you get home, go to and type in one of the model numbers. You will then get a list of all the online vendors who sell the same model. Sites such as,,, and are great places to compare prices. Just be sure when price shopping that the delivery fee is included before you compare final prices.

Another option is to take that same price quote you got at your local appliance store and go to other appliance merchants in your are with quote in hand. Show them the prices you received at their competitor and ask what they are willing to do to earn your business. Don’t be afraid to go to all of the appliance merchants in town to see who will be willing to give you the best buy.