Credit Repair

Most people in to days world will have some bills or debts that keep them from doing other things they want to do. It is never a good idea to keep buying things on credit and expect to ever pay off your bills. The are a lot of ads on television from people trying to get your money by telling you they can make you debt free. A lot of these are scams that will make you go more in debt. These people are wanting to charge you for something you can do your self free.

If you check these companies with the Better Business Bureau you will find they have a lot of complaints about not helping people get their bills payed off. If you feel there is not any way you can talk to the credit card companies by your self, you should get someone to help you. The only credit counseling companies can really help you is not charge you for their service. They will never give you something in writing that says you will have less debt because credit card companies can not afford to do that for everyone.

If you go to credit counseling most of the time it will hurt your credit because it is almost like having a bankruptcy on your credit report. A lot of times these offers are made by credit card companies just so they can get more money from their credit card holders. I have been in check out lanes watching people be turned down with prepaid credit cards from out of town banks. A small store or a gas station will sometimes never take the cards.

Credit card companies will only cut your interest rate if they know for sure you can not pay your credit card bills. If you have wondered why credit counselors only want to talk to you if you owe a large amount of money? The answer is very clear, they can not make money off people who have small credit card bills.  Before you decide on anyone who offers credit repair you should always check their company for completes of not paying off your bills.  This is is the main complaint the Better Business Bureau will tell you about most of the credit counseling companies.  I am sure there are some good credit repair service’s there, but they are hard to find.