Claiming as a right and not a Privilege

Nowadays there is no stigma attached to accident claims. The reason claims are made by people are that they have been put in a potentially dangerous or harmful situation by another person’s irresponsibility. The breach of duty or ignorance of the person in charge needs to be highlighted in order for the situation to be rectified and most importantly to eliminate the possibility that another person may suffer in the same way again.

In the same way that a person would claim insurance if their property or car was damaged; a person can claim if an accident affects their health. Accidents can occur at anytime and anywhere. More importantly they are unexpected and sometimes unavoidable. The trauma of becoming a victim of an accident can be debilitating in both a physical and mental way. And it is often the feeling of being an unsuspecting victim that people struggle to get over.

Accidents can occur wherever there is a neglect of duty or irresponsible behaviour. The most traumatising incidents occur when a certain amount of trust and power is placed in someone in authority. For example, cases of medical negligence can be fatal when medical practitioners fail to carry out the service for which they were trained. These cases are far and few between thankfully, but when they do occur they are very serious and potentially lethal. It is an unpleasant feeling to distrust a person who is trained to help people but in some circumstances it is vital that any negligence is flagged up and dealt with immediately. As with all accidental injuries it is essential that the issue is not repeated in order to protect the rest of the public.

You would like to think that certain security procedures have been put in place in order to keep you safe at your place of work. However, even the most extensive procedures cannot always account for human error therefore, accidents still can occur. In the same way that physical injury can mean that a person cannot go to work; a person may be exposed to bullying or harassment in the work place which can mean they are unable to attend work. This kind of treatment can lead to stress and bring on other types of physical illness and needs to be treated with the same seriousness as physical injury.

Manufacturers who produce and sell defective or faulty goods can affect the public on a much bigger scale than the types of accident mentioned before. If a batch of products is defective then it could affect thousands or even millions of people. We only have to look to today’s news to find an example of this with the recall of millions of Toyota vehicles due to faulty accelerator pedals.

People often assume that claiming after an accident will be very time-consuming and may be more hassle than its worth. However, in recent years there has been an influx of claims companies set up to deal with injuries that are the result of accidents. Therefore the claiming process has never been more accessible or straight-forward. A person should never be in the situation were they are compromising their health or well-being for the sake of putting in a simple claim. These companies are designed to provide support and remove any unwanted stress in a potentially traumatic situation. Your health is of paramount advantage and is not an issue that should be treated lightly. If you are ever unlucky enough to fall victim to an accident that was not your fault then it would always be advisable to research your rights. It is part of your responsibility to bring the issue to the attention of someone in authority so that no other person can suffer in the same way that you did. In most cases you will not be left out of pocket and it is worth keeping in mind that ultimately there is no price on your health and peace of mind.