Cheapest Automotive Insurers in the UK

UK drivers are required by law to carry automotive insurance to comply with the laws set forth by the. The amount of insurance coverage required to be carried varies according to the area that your reside in, but no matter where you are, finding the cheapest coverage is essential for most to be able to include this payment into their budget.

While the cost of the insurance premium varies with many factors, the company that is chosen for coverage is one of the most important of those factors. Auto insurance rates can be quite competitive as such as large industry.  Luckily there are plenty of UK insurers ready to coverage all of your car insurance needs, whether you are seeking state required coverage or more, and here you will learn which of those will get it to you at the least possible costs.  

AIG Direct is one of the best in the UK, making the guarantee that should you find a cheaper quote within 48 hours, your money will be refunded to you. That is an unbeatable deal! On average, driver’s who made the switch to AIG were able to save 15 percent on the cost of their yearly coverage. They have been serving the UK since 1928, and can provide drivers with all of the auto insurance coverage needed. More information is available on their website at

Drivers also turn to People’s Choice when they need cheap car insurance coverage because it is the people’s first choice for low cost car insurance. Taking out a policy with the company could save £150, according to research by the Consumer Intelligence in 2008. A division of the Hastings Insurance group, People’s Choice first began in 1997, serving thousands of drivers across the UK. A click to can put you in touch with the cheap insurance you are after.

Marks & Spencer offers all of the auto insurance you could need for personal, business, and travel needs, with free quotes, great discounts, and other perks to keep the prices low and the policy the best. Marks & Spencer can provide those in the UK on a temporary basis with coverage, as well as those residing on a full time basis. Quotes can be obtained through their website at www.marks&

Auto Direct Insurance Services offers highly competitive insurance  to its customers across the UK. Car insurance is one of the types of policies the firm proudly offers, with 10 percent of customers saving more than £200 when taking out a policy with Auto Direct. A free quote provides those prices to you so you can easily see how much you could be saving. Visit to get your quotes.

These are only a few of the many UK auto insurance providers that will hook you up with a great policy, and the most popular of those among UK car drivers! Get started and see how much money you can be saving on your insurance right now.