Casey Anthony Guilty – No

There’s not a doubt in my mind that the jurors that made judgment on Casey Anthony and her actions had a tough job to do. You try putting someone away for a crime that can’t be proven without a shadow of a doubt. There were plenty of clues to hint that she was guilty, the car odor, the duct tape, the chloroform. Then there are the various lies to consider.

This is where it gets tricky since one of the lies that contradict the other lies could in actuality be the truth. Did she have a nanny who took off with the child? If so why did she not report the so called kidnapping till almost a month later? Right there that counts that one as a lie. What about the story of the child drowning in the grandparent’s above ground pool? If so wouldn’t it be better to call 911 and try to revive the child?          

There have been cases of people revived after 45 minutes under water. Sure the chances are slim, but it’s worth trying to save such a defenseless life. If she really did drown in the pool, why was her mouth covered in duct tape? There was a time in the trial that the Anthonys were asked if they had a roll of duct tape and where it was. All of these things are not matching up. Why did she go out with friends and her boyfriend partying for almost a month if her child was missing? The behavior is too strange to pronounce innocence.

A young girl one way or the other lost her life and there is no explanation for it. At some point people you have to trust your gut. This woman is responsible in some way for the death of her child, if in no other way for not being around when someone hurt her. That is if it wasn’t her in the first place. What do I think? I think she’s guilty as hell and she with maybe one other person knows what really happened to that poor little girl.

There are to many lies and excuses that just don’t add up unless there is some amount of guilt. The jurors did the best they could with the facts they had and I salute them. I guess that’s why they don’t put judgmental people like me on a jury.That’s all.