Best Places to Retire

It is no secret that whether someone wants to limit their seasons, chase adventure, or simply lower the cost of their living that they look abroad to seek retirement. Although for some it is a lifelong dream to live overseas, for most it can be attainable. The key question that haunts most prospective overseas buyers is not how, but where? This process can take its toll on the uninformed buyer if they do not take the necessary steps to ensure that their abroad decision is a wise on

A prospective buyer wanting to retire overseas has to take into consideration certain factors that will contribute to the well being of the rest of their time spent in retirement. Certain factors that International Living Magazine rank in order for prospective retirement countries consist of safety, infrastructure, climate, culture, real estate and special benefits to name a few. The company puts out a stellar list every year in September of highest ranked retirement countries based on those important factors and the top five will follow just to name a few, and what looks like quite possibly the best.

With Ecuador hitting the number one spot in the rankings from International Living Magazines best places to live it is easy to see why. From free imported household goods, to discounts on airfare and utilities the retiree in Ecuador has a lot to look forward to for the frugal or lavish lifestyle. While being able to get a lot for your money in this affordable economy in South America; one can still feel pampered as if they were royalty.

Panama comes in at number two bar none due to its amazing retiree program for residents. Discounts with this program include, but are not limited to airfare, transportation, entertainment, and dining. There is a plethora of activities and enjoyment for any type of lifestyle as well as being very affordable in this steep economy. Also direct travel from the Panama airport to almost anywhere in the world is a great bonus for anyone looking to be accessible during retirement.

With this list from Living Magazine continuing with Mexico coming in at fourth, France following behind, and Italy topping of the highest ranked 5 countries to retire in there is no wonder why it is such a hard decision to make on where to retire. The most important thing that a prospective retiree can do while trying to make this decision is most likely visit the place they’re thinking of! If a retiree can’t stand the place for a couple weeks they sure aren’t going to be accustomed to it after 5 months. Although some may have to grow in to the new lifestyle, that in itself is compromising for the greater good of their future.

Just like someone’s diet, the place and reasons a retiree would want to retire in a certain country are going to vary. As a retiree they have to make sure that their priorities are kept in order and that everything they want is taken care of in turn. There are so many things to consider that one cannot lose sight of what is really important to them in making this decision no matter what the cause for concern. They need to stick to their guns, have a passion for a certain lifestyle, and work hard than only happiness can pursue them in their new retired home.