Personal loan – a loan for your purchases, which you can get easily and quickly in any Internet bank or bank buildings. Personal loans are designed to finance your small purchases(for example – trips), so if you need bigger loan – you need to look for a business loan.

What advantages does a personal loan have ?

* You can get loan over 10,000$ without getting out of your home.

* Everything what you need to get personal loan is just your passport.

* Values only your income per month, no other subjects.

* More time you choose to give back your loan, a bigger loan you can get.

* Loan can be given in 1 day.

How to get personal loan ?

First, you need to complete a loan agreement. This you can do in Internet bank or in any bank building. Also, the forms for this can be filled in any market, which supports your bank partnership.

If you use Internet bank…

1. Login to your bank account with your login and password.

2. Go to a column “Agreements” and choose the function “Personal loan”.

3. Now you can see the agreement of the loan. Press button “Fill agreement” and fill it with your personal information.

4. In 24 hours you will be informed about your loan grant.

5. If your amount of money is not big, you can sign your contract in Internet bank.

6. If you want to sign a contract in Internet bank, you need to login again, with same login information.

7. Choose “Agreements” and then – “Not confirmed agreements”. Everything that you can do now is just agree with term and conditions, and money will get to you in couple minutes.

8. If your amount of money in a loan is big enough, you will get an SMS with a request to come to bank building. You should keep your passport on your person.

If you do not use Internet bank…

1. You need to fill agreement in bank building, Internet bank or in any market, which supports your bank partnership.

2. To sign a contract, you need to go to bank building. Also, you need to keep your passport on your person.

If you don’t agree that bank would check your working place income and other properties, you need to sign a contract with them on your own. In contract, you need to show your current working place, average income and average income in last 6 months. If your income is not payed by employer(if you have your own business), you need to get official document, which shows a amount of money you get every month.

How to repay loan ?

* Fees are repaying every month in last day of that month. If the bank will not get your month fee in at least first days in next month, you will must to pay corresponding percents of fine.

* The bank takes the same, coressponding amount of money from your bank accounts every month.

This article was created based on most banks conditions and showed information. Keep in mind, that it can be not exactly true to other banks.