Auto Insurance Key Factors that can Drive up your Car Insurance Costs

As a novelty in life, the driving up of your car insurance costs rates quite highly. This may be because it has to effect, first to denote you as a doubtful driver and, second, to help empty you wallet. Ways of achievement are: –

1) There is no point in parking on a meter outside the insurance agents office. Why not take the car in to meet him. (through the plate glass window)

2) Get the doctor to provide you with a schizophrenia certificate. This should double the premium.

3) Know any banned drivers? Get them put on your policy as a named driver.

4) Fancy ten pin bowling? Do it with pedestrians and watch your premium rocket.

5) When you leave the car parked, make sure the keys are in the ignition, all the windows are rolled down, you favourite piece of jewellery is on the front seat and the wdole collection of CDs are clearly visible.

6) Take it to a barbeque and light the gas. Well no I did’nt actually mean the gas in the fuel tank, but now you have destroyed 16 houses;, damaged 3 swimming pools beyond repair; set fire to Mrs Jones hair piece whilst she was still inside it; defrosted all the corner stores freezer and fried six pet rabbits you might find you insurance renewal just a tad higher.

7)Is this a stock car circuit I’ve turned into? Well never… ouch… I will just… Oi!… look for… Where’s me door?… a way… ow!… out… Ok so i’ll walk.

8)Driving the wrong way down a one way street should find you writing off at least 17 cars in addition to your own.

9)The runway is far less crowded than the interstate. It might just be possible to beat the Jumbo coming into land……… Okay so now the car’s a virgin.

10)They told me it had a five year anti rust guarantee. I was just trying it out. How was I to know the Hudson was that deep?

Mabye from now one it’s a bicycle.