Analysis of Johnson and Johnson Stock Performance

Johnson and Johnson is a global American pharmaceutical manufacturer and the company is also listed among Fortune 500 companies. The company is constantly ranked at the tope of Harris Interactive’s National Corporate Reputation Survey. Johnson & Johnson is a public company and its stock is tradable in the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol of JNJ. The company has been categorized under pharmaceuticals industry and it has the listing status since 25 Sep 1944.

As far the stock performance, the company stock has been traded with the closing price of $66.21 as of May 2, 2011.  Near about 15,462,794 shares were traded out of 3,846,246,000 shares. The open price was $65.92 and low price was $65.81 with the high price of $66.31.  The high price i.e. $66.31 became the highest price in 52 weeks. It took nearly one month’s time to hit the price of $64 and it was continued for 4-5 trading days.  By that merger deal was made on April 26, 2011. Thereafter slight rise was found on the stock price. It is also assumed that the stock price may be stabled within the range of $65-$68.

Johnson & Johnson filed Form 8-K with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The report indicated the Plan of Merger between Johnson & Johnson, Samson Acquisition Corp. and Synthes Inc. Perhaps the merger deal caused the slight rise of the stock price. The investors who make trading of stock can choose short selling with the JNJ  stock to have the gain. During the weekend of April, 2011, the stock  fluctuated from $64 to $65.6. At most the high price $65.5 touched on Tuesday. The stock performance of Johnson & Johnson shows the investors can buy the stock with the price ranging between $62-64. If they desire to sell the stock, the investors can sell the stock at a price of more than $65.

The current annual dividend yield is 3.29%. Johnson & Johnson also announced dividend on April 28, 2011 with the increase of 5.6%. The dividend $0.54 per share increased to $0.57. It is quarterly dividend and accordingly annual dividend comes as $2.28 per share which is higher than earlier year dividend i.e. $2.16.  As the dividend declared on Annual meeting of Shareholders and the dividend is payable to the holders who are on record of May 3, 2011, there is a chance of holding of securities by majority investors. Therefore more buying of stock of JNJ is expected by the end of May, 2011.