An Overview of the Current us Sit Ins why are they Protesting

The current sit-ins and protests originate from a host of issues found in and around the country today. One of the key issues is that the more common individuals are at this point in time realizing there is no room for growth in the United States. This new civil unrest  if you will is in direct relation to the now controversial capitalistic system that our great nation has adopted. These protests have now increased in frequency and size and are being held throughout the country. A revolution always starts off as something a bit unconventional or could seem initially disorganized to others .

Now as to why the protests are happening, you can go through a litany of reason but for now we can analyze a few. First the financial or employment situation in America is turned upside-down and there are citizens who have not worked in more than a year, and home foreclosures are at an alarming rate. While there is no support for some and a no way out feeling to others, the current tax system is being blamed and current government policies have been pointed out as a reason for so much despair.

The truth is that most citizens feel let down by the United States goverment. It really is a paradox; on one hand we do not  want too much government interference in our lives but we want government to “bail”us out. The protesters have a bit of leverage because this country is still a vote first country. If the politicians turn a blind eye to everything that is going on they may be out of a job. Also there seems to be a growing number of people jumping on board with this civil protest as if there has become a line drawn and you are either on the side of the working man or you are on the side of the rich, there is no neutral position any more. With the end of the middle class that has been slowly dissolving for the past few years while concern regarding continued civil protest and unrest grows with the climate at a feverish pitch right now.

How many more protests can we expect to see? A lot more of these throughout the rest of the year and definitely during the election year. Also the United States as a nation has completely changed, from a nation of inventors, textiles facilities and exporter of goods. The United States is now a buying country where nothing is made anymore it is bought and this phenomenon has completely crippled the middle class. In retrospect the protesters have sparked the conversation of: ‘I’m fed up and not taking it any more’ which is a conversation that has been long overdue.