Aba Transit Number Routing Code Banks Financial Institutions Oline Account

In order to ensure check clearing of banks in United States, ABA transit number is assigned by The American Bankers Association (ABA).  It is a special number and called as ABA transit number, ABA routing number or routing number.  Every bank will be given a unique number as routing number. The bank or financial institution who desire to get ABA transit number must be eligible to hold account at Federal Reserve Bank. Particularly the customers who use online account transactions must be familiar with ABA Transit Number

Out of nine digits of the ABA transit number, the first four positions represent the Federal Reserve routing symbol which identifies location and type of financial institution. The second set of four digits meant for unique identifier of the financial institution.  The last digit helps to ensue validity of ABA number that prevents to guess fictitious transit number by counterfeiters.  Currently more than 26,895 active routing and transit numbers being used by banks or financial institutions of United States.  The routing number consists of nine digits and the code can be found on check.  The first nine digits of the check will be the ABA transit number.  It means if a number i.e. 123456789 0100100120: 0123 is found on the check, the ABA routing code is 123456789.

When the people write the paper checks may not use the ABA transit number. But where the people use online or phone payments supposed to mention the ABA transit number alongiwth checking account number and the desired amount to be paid.  ABA transit number allows the payment processor to identify the bank to collect or deposit   the funds.  Typically large banks in many regions may have more than one ABA transit number to identify each region and checks will be cleared accordingly. Smaller banks may have only one routing number.

The ABA transit number is originated in 1910. ABA transit number is a code that facilitates check clearing among banks. It appears in two forms i.e. standard check and MICR form. Both formats will give same information. However MICR format is readable by machine and printed in magnetic ink.  The customers may need the ABA code for direct deposits, automatic withdrawal, wire transfer and even for order of new checks. Initially, the ABA routing numbers is established to sort payments made by check. At present, the code is being used for many purposes including electronic transfers, internet transactions etc.