Why you should Make a Budget

What is a budget? I don’t even know what it is. I just want to have enough money so that I don’t ever have to worry about how to spend it properly. Regardless, most of us just do not make enough mullah to enjoy ourselves and life. I have a simple plan that may help some to organize their expenses. First of all I placed all my bills in a binder with each section divided. Divided sections into cell phone, car note, insurance, savings and house phone can help you visualize how much bills you have. On the front cover sheet I have a breakdown of each bill and its total for that month. (For example, Progressive Insurance: $148.00.) Tally up all the bills you have and have the grand total on the bottom of the page. In addition to the breakdown, place the total amount of your paycheck for each month. This page shows you how much bills you have, how much you make and how much you have left over for miscellaneous expenses and SAVINGS!

I do not budget myself now I just make sure that I get my bills paid and I save a portion of what I am paid each pay period. We have to make sure that we are all saving. I say just look through a magazine find a house that you love and paste it somewhere that you look a lot. Like that bills binder for instance. The house picture will make you feel like that you are saving towards a goal. Saving money is a perfect idea. You never really know if that car will break down, an emergency operation leaves you needing some extra cash or one of your family members got into some trouble. I have read that you should have three months cushion saved up at all times. I know this may be hard but we all have to make sure that this extra cash is always there to safeguard us.

Try and cut back on the other expenses that you have. On a car payment I have heard that you can try and get your loan reevaluated and they may be able to get your payment lowered. On your cell phone, if you notice that your bill is coming up too high. Call up the company and see what they can do for you. Maybe the price for the unlimited text message is not needed. All these tips nobody ever tells us about and we need to share it.

Another tip is try not to spend money on unnecessary things. Like that caramel latt that you love at Starbucks, I know because I love it too. Those four dollars adds up and becomes an expense that is not needed. Go ahead and try my idea. Let me know what happens.