Why do you need a will

Life is a journey! You feel like life has so much in store for you. As you read an article or hear about an acquaintance that suddenly passed away, you also discover the hardships endured by their loved ones due to the absence of a will. As your mind goes wild, the main question that haunts you is: “Why do you need a will?”

Many people have several reasons to avoid setting up a will. Some feel they will jinx themselves or that it would be a good display of negativism. Others believe they are too young or do not have enough assets to write a will. People do not fully understand the possible effects on their loved ones if there is no will.

What types of nightmarish situations can you expect your loved ones to face if you do not have a will?

1) What type of funeral will you have?

A will is a way to share your desires, decisions and your last wishes with your loved ones. If you write down the details of the desired type of funeral, it will make it easier on your loved on to set up your funeral according to your wishes. They have enough grief as it is without needing to face mind-boggling decisions.

2) Money talks, without a will it walks!

If you do not have written details of who gets your life insurance, bonds, mutual funds and stocks as well as taking care of debts and how they are to be dealt with, they could be inherited by your loved ones and your financial estate may be distributed differently. The government may even end up taking it all away.

3) Property no more, if there is no will there is a door!

Properties may be taken away by the government if they see them as their own. Your loved ones may lose their home if you do not have a will to dictate your wishes in how to take care of them.

4) Who gets the children?

Without a will, your children have no legal guardian beside the government. Avoid a nightmare to your children. Show your love by naming a legal guardian and providing funds that will ensure their future.

5) Who’s in charge of my financial estate?

Without a will, the government will take charge of your financial estate and will also help themselves while doing it. Take care of your loved ones by naming someone trustworthy in order to take care of your financial estate, your loved ones’ best interests, your funeral arrangements as well as your last wishes.

As you can see, there are several answers to the question: “Why do you need a will?” The absence of a will have destroyed lives of numerous families. Don’t make yours part of these statistics! Show your love by being prepared, just in case life would suddenly be taken away from you. Don’t let their life end with yours!