Why do you need a will

A Living Will is very viable because it lets family members know how you want your remains divided as well as how you desire to leave this earth.

It can be very stressful when a person becomes ill or dies; however, this is overwhelming if you are not aware of what that person’s requests are. For example, did the person want to be cremated or have a traditional funeral? Did the person want a funeral home service (as my brother as designated) or one in a church?

My cousin-in-law (who is dying of multiple myeloma) has a Living Will, has written her eulogy, etc., and has requested no funeral at all! She wants to be cremated, being an avid traveler, wants to be sprinkled in her favorite place: Germany. So she has requested specifics; so no one has to second-guess her wants and desires.

Another example of this occurred three years ago when my sister designated her son and me as her representatives. She did not want to be put on life support; just to be made comfortable. We had to remind my brother during those last moments, because he asked the physicians to give her blood to keep her alive. We had to intercede.

Years ago, most people did not want to discuss the subject of death and dying; however, my sister made it very simple by doing her Living Will. I simply followed her requests regarding disposition of property as well as dividing her retirement, bank account, etc.

To have a Will will lessen the turmoil; however, it does not always solve the problem. There are cases where people have tried to alter the Will to include themselves or to change figures. Always make several copies of the Will and give to each person involved; hopefully to prevent any confusion.

Sometimes what you believe to be the decedent’s desires are not so. For example, my cousin left all of her property to her housekeeper and attorney friend. When the Will left family members out; they were very disappointed. So it is wise to put this in writing. If there is anyone who contests it, you will have documentation.

It is not costly to do a Living Will. You can download forms from the Internet or purchase forms at the stationary stores. After you complete it, simply have it notarized. A paralegal can also assist you for a small cost; and if you would prefer having an attorney involved; they will complete it for you at a much higher cost.

It is important that you do a Will; hopefully, so family members can rest in peace as you are!