What to do when you don’t have Health Insurance

Health insurance may not be a big issue for those that are fortunate enough to have a job that offers medical care for their employees, but what about the unfortunate people the either are unemployed or the companies do not offer health insurance to their employees? What are they to do?

With the tough economic times, this is becoming a bigger issue to more and more Americans. Many people are losing their jobs and those that are not are losing their jobs are losing their medical coverage because companies are trying to cut costs to save jobs.

There are steps un-insured or under-insured Americans can take to continue with regular check-ups and help with obtaining needed medications.

1. Apply for Medical Assistance. Each state has different requirements to meet eligibility, but apply even if you feel you will not qualify, especially if you have children. Each state has programs for free and low-cost health insurance for children, but they must not be eligible for medical assistance in order to qualify for these other plans and you must have a denial letter from the assistance office stating that your children are not eligible and were denied.

2. County Health Bureaus. If after you apply for medical assistance and are found not to be eligible, you can check with your county’s health bureau. Most counties offer programs for people that are not insured and help them visit with physicians and provide them with needed medications. There usually is an income requirement to meet the guidelines, but these requirements are usually not as strict as they are with medical assistance programs and are easier to qualify.

3. If you find that you are not eligible and have been denied for both medical assistance and any county programs, you can seek clinics in your local area that work with people by accepting payment on a sliding scale based on your income. Many pharmacies also offer a low-cost program to help people get their medications by offering many medications at low-cost.

It is very important to visit your physician on a regular basis and be sure to take all prescribed medication as directed to avoid any more serious health issues that can be avoided with proper healthcare treatment. While this can be a difficult feat if you do not have a health insurance plan, follow the above tips so you can continue taking care of your health.