What a Disability Lawyer can do for a Client

Wouldn’t it be great if those that had legitimate disabilities could simply file the necessary paperwork and receive the benefits they should?  Unfortunately, that is not the case in the world today.  Due to abuse of the system by those who don’t deserve benefits, there is nearly a hundred percent chance that your initial disabilities claim will be denied.  This is when you will probably look for a disability lawyer.

Initial Claim

However, your case will probably flow more smoothly if you contact a disability lawyer prior to filing your initial claim.  They will be able to inform you about which forms you need to file and what sorts of documentation will help your claim make it through the process the first time.  As with many types of claims, the court will look at things differently if they know an attorney is representing you than they might otherwise, reducing the chance of the initial claim being rejected.


When you begin the appeals process is when you really need the support of a disability lawyer.  The process to file the initial claim is complicated enough, but things get even more difficult when your claim is rejected and you are forced to appeal the decision.  This is the area where disability attorneys really excel because it is the area they deal with most frequently.  Most disability cases will go through several appeals, so having a knowledgeable attorney is essential.

Understanding Your Rights

Working with the system on a daily basis gives disability attorneys the unique perspective to truly understand what benefits your disability deserves.  They will be able to help you determine which battles are worth fighting and which are not going to be fruitful for you.  A good disability lawyer will typically be able to direct you to the medical experts who can correctly diagnose your condition and provide the proper documentation that the court needs to approve your benefits.  Unfortunately, a few key words in the medical documentation which seem trivial can majorly impact the court’s view of your case.  Your disability attorney will be able to ensure that those key words are present.

There are several benefits to using a disability lawyer.  While there are many people that try to scam the system, too many deserving individuals with legitimate claims are denied benefits because of how the system works.  A good attorney will work the system for you so that you get the benefits that you should receive.