Ways to Save Money on Electricity in the Winter

The winter months are often synonymous with expensive electric bills. This is primarily due to the need for heating and the electricity required to run the various kinds of furnaces.

If you are like most people, after a year of rough economic times, you’re probably going to be searching for ways to scale back on electricity consumption this winter in an attempt to cut down the electric bill.

The good news is there are a few ways you can cut back on energy use and reduce high electric bills. Here are some tips to try and lower your monthly electric bill:

*Install a Digital Thermometer

While it is true you have to foot the expense in getting a digital thermometer installed, the advantage is by putting one in you can save a lot of money from this investment.

The savings opportunity with digital thermometers is that you can designate the times of the day you want the furnace to turn on and off. Through a programming feature you can plug in how high you want the temperature to run and for how long.

This way if you’ll be out all day and don’t want to run the furnace all day, you can preset the time and lowered temperature for when you’re out and then set it to rise at the time you expect to be home. No wasted energy and you don’t have to come back to a freezing house.

This is also a great feature to use at night when everyone’s asleep. You can set the thermometer higher shortly before everyone in the home is due to rise for the day.

*Eliminate or Reduce Drafts

Drafts are problematic in homes that aren’t adequately protected. Depending on the kind of doors and windows that are built into the house, there could be significant levels of drafts that could be costly.

Check seals of windows and doors. Then check around the rest of the house for any deficiencies where valuable heat could be escaping. If you can accurately find and fix all drafts, this will go a long way in reducing winter electricity consumption.

In addition, if you live in a region where winters get very cold, invest in good storm windows to help insulate, keep the drafts out and the heat in.

*Insulate your House

Insulation is a one-time expense that can offer significant savings for years. Adding insulation between walls, on the ceilings and floors of attics and in basement ceilings can help keep heat inside and block out drafts coming.

By placing insulation in the vulnerable areas of the home you can reduce extra heat running to compensate for drafts and lower the level of time the furnace is running; thus reduce your electricity bill.

*Take Advantage of the Sun

Capturing the heat of the sun is another way to try and cut back on your electric bill. If you leave the shades open on the sunny days, you can utilize natural light and also allow the sun to add its natural warmth to your home.

These are a few tips designed as a cost-effective measure to reduce electricity use in the winter. In addition, it’s also wise to incorporate other energy conscious practices that you’d use year round in order to further boost your energy savings. Turn off light switches, fill up dishwashers and washing machines; hang laundry instead of using the dryer if possible.

There are many useful ways to cut back on energy, and with the winter months coming, you’ll want to be sure and utilize ways to reduce spending and put some of that money back in your bank account instead of spending on wasted energy.