Ways to Avoid Debt at Christmas

The best way to avoid debt at Christmas is by this simple premise…to purchase your goods during the January sales. Those people who buy Christmas presents in January can save an awful lot of money in the long run when it comes to the run-up to Christmas.There are many sales to be had during January, as stores nationwide all clamour to get in customers after the Christmas rush. All those who use their heads and shop during January can pick up many bargains in the town centres and major stores. There are many people who save hundreds of dollars/pounds by using this simple ploy.

By purchasing Christmas paper, Christmas cards, pens, sticky tape, envelopes and finally, the presents during January, people are saving themselves from an awful lot of stress as Christmas approaches. When the big day finally arrives, then those who have already done their Christmas shopping back in January, need not rush at all. They can go about their shopping in a calm and cool and stress-free manner.

Another way of saving money is by purchasing your goods over the Internet, you will be ensured of bargains to be had. Therefore, once again, you will be saving money in the long run. By beating the crowds, and the stress of fighting through those crowds by shopping at home, what more could you ask for?  However, what has to be understood is goods purchased with a credit card is just one way of getting into debt very quicklly.

However, one way  to avoid credit card debt at Christmas, is to pay off all of the debt on or before the due date – obviously, this is where credit cards are concerned.  This means that the APR [Annual Percentage Rate] will not kick in, and that the purchaser [ which is you ] will only have to pay the original amount and NOT any extra interest added on.

APR is only added onto the original bill when a person is late in paying. The Annual Percentage Rate on that particular card then kicks in and you will have to pay the extra amount, as well as the original bill. This can easily lead into debt if it is not controlled. So the way around this is by paying off your credit card bill in full, on or  before the date the debt is due to be paid. 

The other way around beating debt at Christmas is by purchasing presents throughout the year. Small presents purchased here and there soon build up. When the Christmas period arrives then all you will have to purchase is the Christmas wrapping paper, and the odds and ends.

As for food, by purchasing your Christmas food early in the year, it will save you a lot of money in the lead-up to Christmas. A lot of people purchase things like cans of fruit, cookies, Christmas pudding, alcohol and such like. Thus when the celebrations begin, you will already have all of your Christmas food at home, and you do not have to rush out to do Christmas shopping – as it is already done.

No one need get into debt at Christmas. With a little forethought, and planning then your Christmas can remain debt-free. By planning your purchases in January, or during the year – and by paying off your credit card bill on or before the due date, then you will be saving a lot of money in the long run.

By purchasing foodstuffs early in the year, and putting them away for the Christmas to come, you will be saving yourself a lot of money, and a lot of stress too. This at a time when everybody else will be rushing around trying to find bargains. Early Christmas shopping will pay off for those with the determination and will to get out there and look for those bargains to be had.