Travel Insurance Coverage Options

You want to make your travel and you don’t know if you need travel insurance or it is waste of money. It is important that you have a look to all the coverage options which are possible before you decide if travel insurance is something you need and which options are necessary.

Some coverage options are :
– cancellation : is recommended because you never know what can happen before you make your trip (illness, or someone of your
– interruption of your trip (curtailment) : in case of an accident or sickness during your trip
– loss of your luggage or theft of personal things
– medical expenses : if you become sick during your travel or you have an accident; even if repatriation is necessary
– delayed departure : you can stay in a hotel if the flight is one day later; or in case of many hours you can have a meal or some drinks before the flight
– legal assistance : if you need legal advice in case of problems during your travel
– damage on your car : travel insurance will pay you the expenses of the damage on your car
– personal liability : damage on your own property or some accidents you that give damage to other people or their properties
– funeral expenses abroad : in case of death when you are abroad

Inform which coverages you need and if it is worth to pay for it. Better covering some more options you will never know what can happen.