Tips to Save Money on Funeral Expenses

Funeral expenses can be quite costly, and having tips to save money with funeral expenses seems kind of morbid. However, many people do not have enough insurance to cover the funeral expenses for your loved ones. Some people believe there will be enough time to get it later, but later never comes. Then its too late. I know you probably want the best for your loved one, however, if the money is not available, there are ways to save money on funeral expenses.

You do not have to have a funeral director in charge of making all your decisions. This is a good place to start on saving. You can make choices to see that these same things happen at a much cheaper price and the funeral can still be nice.

The casket is a big purchase. They are not cheap in funeral homes. Prices can start as low as $3,500.00 and go much higher. They sell on the average five to six times their wholesale price at a funeral home. A great way to save money is purchase it directly from a casket company for a lot less. The prices can start around $700.00 and they can deliver them within 24 hours usually. What a savings this can be. 

Do you know that you have to pay someone to dig the grave? The cost is around $350.00 to do this job. Someone else could do it for you for free and feel good they helped out with the cost factor and are happy to help prepare the final resting spot of your loved one. 

It costs a lot to rent a funeral chapel or a church for the services. Rather than spend the money for this service, have a graveside service. It can still be a great service. 

The funeral director does not have to do the service. There is a price for that too. You can have someone do the eulogy that is a close friend or family member and most of the people that are there to pay their respects would enjoy that more. 

Flowers are a huge expense. People send them and there are always so many. Knowing how this can be, maybe you can decide to have a scholarship started in that person’s name and ask people to contribute to that. 

Everything costs so much these days for funerals, but as you can see there are ways to cut some of the costs. Doing what is right for your loved one will help you make your decisions. Be happy for the service you are able to give. It is a celebration of someones life that you so loved.