Tips how to Save Money during Summer Months

Summer is a great time of the year; the weather is warm with lots of parties to attend and places to go. It is definitely a season of spending.

Even though it is summer time it does not mean that reducing your expenditures is impossible. There are several ways to save during the summer mentioned below:

Avoid using the air conditioning unit

During summer you should give your air conditioning unit a break and use fresh air. Open the windows on a hot day and allow the cool air to circulate within your house, and cooling it in the process.

This will save you a great deal on your power bill. You can only turn it on when the weather is extremely hot and you are in need of cool air.

Have the air conditioner filters replaced

For maximum efficiency, replace the air filters in your air conditioning unit. Dirty air filters will affect the efficiency of the air conditioner and increase the cooling costs.

Use the sun to dry your clothes

In summer you should make use of the sun by drying your clothes outdoors instead of using a dryer. Hang your laundry outside and allow the sun to do the drying for you. You will be saving on power when you dry your laundry outdoors.

Cook outdoors

You can barbecue your meals as a way of keeping your house cool. Using the oven or grill will create a lot of excess heat indoors; this causes your house to become hot. You can arrange to have most of your meals cooked outdoors as a way of keeping your house cool.

Dine at home more

Stay away from the good restaurants during summer; otherwise you may be forced to spend more than you planned for. Summer is a great time to try out all those recipes that you have been collecting over time.

Invite a few friends over to have a barbecue at home, and save some money that you would have spent in a restaurant. Eat out less and enjoy your home made meals while saving some money.

Reduce the time you spend watching TV

It is summer time, so turn off that TV and get busy outdoors. Go for a swim or holiday during summer and reduce your electricity bill.

Avoid drying your clothes out for too long

Another great way to save during the summer season is by making sure that you don’t leave your clothes to dry out for too long. Ironing clothes that are a bit damp will reduce on your power bill because you will be using less power than when you iron clothes left out in the sun for too long.

Host bottle parties

If you want to host friends during summer and you are looking for way to save, then you can hold a bottle party whereby each invited person brings his/her own drink. Such an arrangement will save you lots of money on refreshments when you host a party at your house.