The Meaning of Money

The meaning of money is simple, direct and devastating for others. Power. It leads to the lessening of those without it and the total annihilation of the working poor.

Power is more generally defined in part according to Wikipedia as the following: “power” as the more or less unilateral ability (real or perceived) or potential to bring about significant change, usually in people’s lives, through the actions of oneself or of others.

Would this not include money? How money affects so many decisions in both Governmental and Business decisions. It changes this and affects that and sometimes leaving the minority of people behind. It changes both criminal and civil decisions in courts.

Governmental and business decisions are affected by how they chose to cut or dismantle portions of how things are done. Take for example the recent strike at Chrysler followed by ratifying a new contract. This followed by the more recent announcement by Chrysler to cut 8,000 to 10,000 hourly worker positions. Do you think the union membership would have approved the new deal if they knew after drastic cuts would be made? I am not so sure.

The minority in this case is not necessarily of color but, of class in society. The working poor, the weaker of the societies classes and too often forgotten. They are often established under the heading of those who are never mentioned in media coverage. As this class grows in size more and more you hear phrases like “The Suffering Middle Class.”

Under the class system, how is one to break down the power or money definitions anymore? The level at which some consider working poor is growing. While others simply consider them the lower, middle class who isn’t working hard enough. Can we base our “Power” on theirs? Do you really know what your friends, neighbors, co-workers go through in their personal lives?

Money is the root of all evil and this sin is growing like an epidemic. Even the religious structure realized this decades ago. Why else can you explain tele-evangelists in syndication world wide? How else do you reach a world wide audience and bring in those large sums of money or power?

Money as we know it, is based upon an entire credit system. This system is based upon the barter system of old. You know that when you turn your dollar into the government they could actually tell you. “That promissory note is only worth one chicken and two eggs.” It is a promissory note as are the play dollars in Monopoly.

That means if you turn it in, you can get something else for it. In todays’ society that means another bill, coin or paper of some kind. All this results in the desire to have more, increasing your buying power. There’s that word again. Are you paying attention?

The government and media are both the leading “demons” ensuring the consumers sin. The last temptation of the all mighty dollar. Pay attention, when your struggling through your own power demons. As you watch those tempting commercials about more expensive simple items you need to be healthy, cleaner, more emotionally sound. Good luck fighting for your own power in a “Dog eat Dog world.”