The Brooks Brothers Platinum Mastercard with Rewards

Stylish shoppers appreciate the quality which Brooks Brothers offer. The distinctive preppy look is available to men, women, and children, in Brooks Brothers American shops and their international shops, as well as online. Just signing up to register on the online site rewards you with a $10 discount on purchases over $50.

The retailer offers two cards: the Brooks Brothers card is a simple store card which carries an APR of 22.9% and offers a 23 day grace period on purchases. Additionally there is the Brooks Brothers Platinum MasterCard, also provided by G.E. Money Bank. Both cards offer reward points which are converted into $20 card certificates to be redeemed at Brooks Brothers.

The Platinum MasterCard can be accepted anywhere with the MasterCard logo. Card holders will have one of three interest rates levied, determined by credit worthiness and other factors. Balance transfer APR’s are the same as the regular APR’s, which are either 14.24%, 17.24% or 21.24%. However unlike most balance transfer cards this card caps the balance transfer fee at $75. The fee is either 3% or $5, whichever is the highest, but capped at $75.

Both cards are free of annual charges and also include the benefit of free shipping on all items which are returned. There is a foreign transaction fee of 2% and cash advances are charged at either 23.24% or 24.24%, depending on which interest rate the individual card carries. Late payment fees may be charged at up to $35.

Cardholders can use their Brooks cards at any Brooks Brothers stores, whether retail, country club, factory, international, or online. Only the platinum card qualifies for reward points at airport shops. The cards give 4 reward points for each $1 spent in Brooks Brothers, equating to $20 for every $500 spent. In addition the Platinum MasterCard also rewards 1 point per $1 spent at all locations accepting MasterCard.

Brooks Brother’s card holders have the additional benefit of the cachet of the cards, signifying style. The retailer also provides gift cards of varying denominations which come complete with a Brooks Brothers catalogue. They make ideal gifts for students off to college; Christmas gifts; or gifts for anyone with style. When chosen as gifts they are sent in the Brooks Brothers distinctive signature blue gift boxes. The retailer plans to introduce electronic gift cards to its repertoire soon.

Cardholders who don’t carry a balance can benefit from the rewards program which Brooks Brothers credit cards offer. Carrying a balance though will negate the benefits of the rewards when interest is levied. The cards certainly work well as a stylish accessory.

Source: Brooks Brothers.