Telephone Scam Avoidance

It is never pleasant to find out that you are the victim of a financial fraud. The problem is becoming all too common in modern times. With the use of the internet frequently being used to target vulnerable victims, there is another growing danger which goes relatively unnoticed and surprisingly successful for scam artists. The telephone is seen as a trustworthy tool for communication and the last way anyone would expect to be conned. While it still happens to many innocent people, it is easy to avoid falling into a situation where you get tricked. 

The Microsoft website has information which is able to be help you detect the main suspicious signals that the caller is not actually who they claim to be. Companies like Microsoft and Verizon rarely ever call up to inform you about installation fees and service charges which come with it. The scam artists are quite clever in being subtle about it all; they inform customers any problem that is currently being experienced can be settled for a quick service fee. All that’s needed is your credit card number and address so that you can be charged for these phony services. 

To avoid being drawn into the circle of lies given, first ask by asking the person on the other end what their role within the company is. Ask them where they work from. Something which makes any scam artist nervous is when the targeted victim begins to ask questions. Let them know you would like to speak to their boss. Sooner or later the fraudsters will tire of answering endless questions. In companies like Microsoft and Verizon, it is standard procedure to answer any questions a customer may have. Scam artists just want your money, nothing else. 

All companies from which you have made a purchase from or are associated with have your information in some form. Do not give any information out over the phone. Information is the currency which fraudsters work in. They are often quite subtle in the way the deliver their message, claiming to be anyone from a family member to a work colleague. Regardless, ask them to text, or email you the information they desire. Often, they will not be able to do both and move onto the next target. Do not keep this call a secret. Inform family members and the police straight away. Technology enable police to tap phone lines so that the scam artists can be tracked down and arrested.

Be safe, not sorry. Never give any information over the phone and ask plenty of questions. It will help you becoming a number in the phone scam statistics.