The teenage stage of life is one of the interesting stage in the human life. It is a stage where many people today made or marred their entire life. The teenage stage of life serves as the intermediary between the childhood stage and the early twenty’s of every human life. Thus it’s the period when one passes away from the childish behaviours into the full grown man.

At this period, many are able to put away the childish things and build up themselves into a full man or woman but many also fail to understand that they are growing and that somethings needs to be changed in their ways of doing things (hence, habit are then created). Such persons grow up behaving like little children.

One may ask how does this affect the teens spending habit and I will say that it affects it a lot with the fact that all teens where sometimes little children and little children demand a lot from their parents not caring or taking to thought how the fund to all they are demanding for comes from and those parents that are wealthy feel very comfortable when they get their children what they wanted but as time goes on, little children grows up to the stage of demanding for pocket money and is as much as our parents have the cash and to make sure their children are happy, they will give to their children ; this continues to early teenage stage.

The ways to make teens change their spending habits are very easy to say but are not really followed by the teenagers because it entails denying yourself from some momentary self comfort.

When I was in my early teenage stage, my late father always gives me some pocket money for lunch at school and will also take me in his car to the school every morning before going to work and I was very good at gathering all my friends to the canteen during break and buying food for them all. I was not disturbed because I was very sure that my father was going to give me money for lunch the next day. It continued that way for two years in my Secondary School when suddenly one morning, I woke my father up from bed to go and get prepared and take me to the school but he could not get up from the bed. I could not believe that could have happened so sudden but I experienced it that day. My fathers driver toke me to school that morning after taking my dad to the hospital and never gave me pocket money it was real hot with me from that very day because I had no lunch and I have been used to the habit of always spending during lunch and other times. It affected me in almost every part of my being and I will like to let you know that if I have reduced the way I’ve been spending when I had the fund as a teen I would have had some savings to use after the very day I lost my dad but reverse was the case. So we should mind the way we spend from our teenage stage to avoid the untellable tomorrow.

Below are some ways to make teens change their spending habits:

1. Parents should always warn there children from their teenage to be careful the way they use their pocket money because it can disturb them tomorrow when there is no provision for pocket money.

2. Teens should spend with tomorrow in mind

3. Teens should not venture into spending that they will regret later; so be wise today and know the right way to spend your resources.

There are varieties of ways teens spend not just what is explicitly stated here but in various other ways so let’s all endeavour to check the way we spend our time, knowledge, skill, talent, etc and cultivate a good spending habit.

Most fathers and mothers of today that have much money and resources to spend today had none to spend at their teen age and they are having at adulthood to spend the way they like. Be wise now as teens because nobody knows what tomorrow hold to the teens of today. Cheers!