Target Versus Walmart

Target and Wal-Mart are two popular discount stores shopped at by many Americans. They each provide a unique shopping experience. You should consider the pros and cons for each store when making your choice.

Many people feel that Target has a better atmosphere. Wal-Mart is often understaffed, and it can often be difficult to find someone to help you. Many people find that Target has a little bit of a more upscale atmosphere. Many Wal-Marts will check your bags as you leave. A lot of people find that uncomfortable.

Some people shop at Target because they are concerned about Wal-Mart’s business practices, according to PBS. Wal-Mart is known for having some negative business practices. For instance, they have been in legal battles over trying to put stores where they were not wanted. Some people feel that they force mom and pop stores out of business. There is also concern about their products being made overseas in sweatshops.  Their competitive business practices have caused many to shy away from them.

The pricing at Target and Wal-mart is similar. Some people complain about the quality of Wal-mart’s wares. They feel that the products do not have the quality of items at Target. Target now has some clothing by big-name designers, which a lot of people enjoy. These are offered at reasonable prices.

Both Wal-mart and Target offer very large stores with a wide selection of all different types of products. Both of them have different types of stores, some of which offer food sections. Some of them even offer full grocery departments. They also both offer their own brand names of many of the different products that they carry.

Wal-Mart has some products that Target does not carry. For instance, they offer weapons and fabric. Some people find that the stores are actually too big for them, especially if they have items that they would not buy.

Of course the individual stores vary greatly. The atmosphere at each store is affected by the manager and area in which it is located. Some stores are much larger than others and offer different selections. Also, different stores may have different practices and pricing. For instance, one Target may offer a product for a different price than the Target down the street. Some have different clearance sections than others.

Target and Wal-Mart are located across the United States. Take the above considerations into account when choosing between the two.