Surviving the Economic Crunch what can you do

Do you want to survive the economic blitz? Well, you need to call an audible. Ready set, set, set, hike! Play-action fake you throw the ball(money) in the air looking for the big play and sometimes you convert and sometimes you don’t. It is important when surviving the economic crunch you improvise. Many people are facing economic setbacks because they did not proper plan for the curve ball life throws at you. There are many ways to survive such as living below your means, cutting back, taking a second job, asking for overtime and etc.

Living below your means

The best adjustment you can make in your life financially is living below your means. A lot of people talk about it but are afraid to do it. You can live below your means and still enjoy the things you wish to enjoy in life. When living below your means you create a cushion between income and expenses. Most billionaires live below their means. In fact, most billionaires became billionaires because they were living below their means with the help of savvy investments.

Cutting back

Cutting back is tough choice, but a necessary choice. Cutting back is a way to see instant savings. Most people have excess in their life. Do you really need 400 channels? How many channels can you watch at one time? Most people have tend not go back to excess. When you cut back you have more room to maneuver in case of emergency.

Taking a second job

Taking a second job is a way to make extra income. Taking a second job should be done with caution. You do not want to burn yourself out with a second job. Your health is what is most important than working. When taking a second job make sure you do it to pay something down or pay something off.

Asking for overtime

When you can’t find a second job or a second job is not conducive to your schedule asking for overtime is another solution. You can kill two birds with one stone when asking for overtime. You will be making a good impression with your boss and you will bolster your paycheck. If you have deductions you will build your other accounts faster as well.

There are many ways to survive the economic crunch. You must be prepared to make a change. If have any questions you should seek a professional. Good luck!