Surviving Poverty in the us

Each and every day more of our neighbors, cousins, and friends are losing their homes to foreclosures.  In the past poverty used to be restricted to the elderly and low-income families only while today we have a whole army of unemployed youth, that is forced to return to their parents’ nest, due to lack of jobs in today’s market.  Even though there are a lot of graduates with different skills and qualifications on the job market ready to contribute to the world of work, the jobs seem to have already been eaten up on trees by former generations.  Even those lucky who have a chance to work are having to scrimp by and save for an emergency fund just in case they lose their job overnight due to an economic recession.

Poverty in the US is relative compared to other countries especially the third world countries.  Yet, US society has never been as impoverished as now since the time of Great Depression.  Many have lost their jobs and homes and are now living on the margins of our society.  Unemployment rates reached their peak.  Standard of living for US families decreased due to high levels of indebtedness.  There are a lot of people who are struggling to bring home the bacon due to rising prices of food and gas.  US citizens seem to be living on and spending money that they have not even received through their paycheck as of yet.  US citizens have already witnessed the demise of middle class.  US society now more than ever perpetuates a broad separation of the classes within society as the gap between wealthy and poor seems to be growing at an alarming rate.

Yet, helping big corporations while neglecting a regular man struggling hard to bring the bread on the table for his family is not the answer to the growing poverty levels in America.  Small businesses in America are closing up their shops because they are unable to compete with the larger corporations.  The government is printing more money every day that is decreasing the value of US dollar.  As a result of these negative enomic trends in the US inflation rates are rising enormously.  To counter the rising levels of poverty in the US society, regular folks should turn towards food production.  Common folks should find ways to help small business owners and entrepreneurs stay in business.  Recall that the American dream was made alive by helping small entrepreneurs to stay in business.  American dream was created by supporting small business growh by awarding qualified individuals with small interest rates loans.  The answer to US growing poverty levels is to go back to US old fashioned banking style with low interest rates for starting small businesses that will spurr back the economic growth.