Strategies for Saving for a Honeymoon

A honeymoon is viewed as a dream holiday, but when you’re already saving up to pay for a wedding it can seem a daunting prospect to be able to afford that dream. There are ways that you can save towards your honeymoon, which will help to ease the pressure and make you feel more in control of your finances.

* Be logical

Before you begin saving you need to look into the kind of honeymoon you would like and then work out prices. Once you have done this, ask yourself is this realistic? Are you setting yourself up for disappointment? Will you be able to actually be able to pay for it in the amount of time you have to do so? It is no good choosing a holiday which is going to be way out of your price-range if you only have a short time to save for it. Make sure you work out what it is you want: If that is the dream holiday and you are determined to go for it, then you will have to look at the time frame in which you wish to save. Maybe you need to put it off for an extra year so you have longer to save.

* Budget

Budgeting is vital when you are saving. You need to look into your household accounts and work out how much money you have coming in and how much you have going out and then work out whether the money going out is all essential. Break it down into sections; food, socialising, bills and so forth and work out areas in which you can cut back on your spending. Set a monthly budget for each area and then stick to it. Make sure you do stick to it too else you will struggle to get back on track if you break your budget.

* Open a savings account

Go to your bank and open up a savings account, money market account or certificate of deposit. There are various different accounts and the one that will work best for you will depend upon your circumstances. Make sure you read the small print; some require regular payments and/or no withdrawals in a set amount of time, so make sure you are aware of what you are signing up for. An account that helps you save will also assist you to not spend the money as it’s not readily available. It will also help you to earn money too, as savings accounts give you a certain amount of interest; this will help make you feel as though you are being rewarded for your hard-earned savings.

* Food

Find ways to cut back in your every day life in terms of food. It can be very easy to spend more than we need to on food, this may involve eating out regularly or buying take aways. Money is also saved by cutting back on these luxuries; you can find cheaper alternatives. For example, making your own curries at home or inviting friends round for a meal instead of always eating out or; if you do eat out, just have the one course. Put aside every bit of money you save on food for your honeymoon.

* Walk

Cut back on expenses in terms of gas, wear and tear on your car or using public transport where possible. If you walk to the shops, cycle to work and so forth you will be able to make savings and also get fitter too. Of course it isn’t always possible to choose these options but when it is make sure that you do and always keep the goal of your honeymoon in sight to keep you inspired.

* Wedding options

Cut back on how much you are spending on your wedding. Do you really need to invite as many people as you have to the day do? Can you put some people on the evening invitation list instead to cut back? Could you go for a cheaper meal option such a buffet instead of a sit down meal? Always look at what options you have and whether it’s possible to go for the cheaper version. Just making some very small changes can save you money on your wedding budget which can then release some money towards your honeymoon.

* Do it yourself 

Cut back on your wedding expenses by doing as much by yourself as you can. You can make your own invitations, wedding favours, decorations, and cake. There are many videos and articles that show you step by step ways of making lots of wedding items. Making them yourself saves you money in the long run, and that money can go towards your honeymoon instead.

With a wedding looming, it can seem like a very expensive time, and a dream honeymoon may be something you really want. If you be careful with your planning, cut back on areas of your life and find ways to do it yourself then you will be able to make savings along the way which can all go towards your special holiday.