Should us Attorney Johnny Sutton be Forced to Testify in the Case of Ramos and – Yes

In a recent press release, Representative Dana Rohrabacher issued a challenge to Sutton to either “testify or resign” in the case of Ramos an Compean, border agents who are spending 10 12 years in prison for shooting an illegal drug runner who refused to stop when asked. New documents being viewed in the case reveal that the drug smuggler, named Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila, had been given “six unconditional, unescorted border crossing visas” even after the DEA had identified him as part of another narcotics shipment into the United States. The House Foreign Affairs Committee plans hearings for next week that will look into this information and the “Mexican consulates role in the prosecution of Ramos and Compean.”

When Sutton was asked to testify under oath at these hearings, he refused to do so. The challenge is a result of his refusal to cooperate in the hearings intent on finding the truth about this situation. Several members responded in anger at his refusal, and Rohrabacher was prompted to issue her challenge to Sutton to “either testify under oath before Congress and explain these things or resign as U.S. Attorney.”

In the original case, prosecutors gave Mr. Davila immunity in exchange for his testimony against the border agents. It is believed that the prosecution’s “star witness” could possibly have smuggled a second batch of drugs across the border just four months before the Ramos/Compean trial, using the alleged passes. The claim is that Sutton’s team committed purgery by portraying Davila as an ex-offender trying to get money to take care of his sick mother. Sutton’s group was also accused of stonewalling’ the investigation into possible misconduct in the charges placed against these men.

Sutton has a different view of the proceedings, but will probably be required to testify in the hearings. He, as an officer of the US government, should be willing to get to the bottom of this case and put it behind everyone at last. Grassroots organizations have been part of forcing this issue to the attention of government officials. If he has nothing to hide, he should have no problem testifying under oath. I’m sure he will respond with a statement that gives a reason for his refusal, but I doubt if it will satisfy a public that has been outraged that illegal aliens and drug smugglers have more rights than those who risk their lives patrolling the border.

In the meantime, citizens will be watching to see what the next episode in the saga will be, but they will not be silent in their support of Ramos and Compean and their outrage at the process that sent these men to prison and danger. Whether Johnny Sutton continues to stonewall or agrees to testify the probe into these men’s case will go on. Maybe, finally, the citizens of the U.S. will be put over the illegal aliens who smuggle drugs over the border to our kids. We will be watching.

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