Should Parents be Held Responsible for their Minor Childrens Criminal Behavior – No

No I dont think parents should be held responsible in all cases of their childrens behavior, especially when they get to around the age 15, Ive seen some friends do everything they could do to try to keep their childeren straight, theyve grounded they spanked,taken away privelages,theyve been attacked by there kids, wake in the nite to find them gone, them having snuck out a window, them calling the police on there own kids, they dragged their kids to the police station to be talken to by the police for their actions of them and their friends, Been told by their kids you spank, we call the police on you, And they still continue to cause trouble, If they commit a more serious crime do I think their parents should pay, NO WAY.
They could tie them up an hold them in there rooms to keep them from doing anything, but then what would happen, the police would be called Im sure eventually and then they would go to jail for child abuse, Even spanking or anything of that nature can cause you to go to jail now a days. We cant keep them locked up for ever, we give them punishment and hope they do better the next time, We need to also try to teach them just because our parents do somethings doesnt always make it right, even when we have parents that do things they shouldnt, there is an age that that child knows that aint the way it should be, and if we were to teach this in the schools starting with home pressure and peer pressure, they need someone in their lives to say hey you know this kind of life isnt right, listen to your head and promise your self Your going to be alot better person, Dont Judge be there to help.
Family and friend actions can be hard to get away from but they can do it.
I know, when I was young, my parents were a bad influence, we was told hey theres beer there drink if you want but stay here, Did I, NO, Why didnt I, I knew in my head what they did was wrong and I wanted a different way of life for myself, One time I had this one person say to me, How did you grow to be so good when your family is so bad, I was only 11 at the time, and I really didnt understand what they meant,When I was 12 our house burnt and I had to go live with another family for awhile, honestly that was the first family I had ever known that didnt drink at all, and were home with there kids all the time, Sometimes its the people outside of our daily lifes that can influence us the most, If your willing to be there to try to help, and even the bad or dirtiest people of this world can sometimes help us to find the true meaning of life. Pass it forward as I would say. Help someone with a kind word today.