Should Children and Students be Guaranteed Health and Dental Care – Yes

Should children and students be guaranteed government health and dental coverage equal to what prisoners receive?

Where in our constitution does it say that a prisoner should have health and dental care but a child can not? Are our children not more worthy of health and dental care?

Firstly, the health care in our prisons is not anything to boast about. Because of the lack of funds, there are many prisoners that are not treated in a timely manner. There are not enough health care providers to give the proper care needed. It may be poor care but, the fact remains that they do get some type of health care.

The fact that there are many children and students that do not receive any type of health care or dental care is in itself a disgrace. Many parents working for low or minimum wages cannot afford health insurance. For those of you who have good paying jobs, the question of health insurance is not an issue. Congress doesn’t want to raise minimum wage to people that cannot afford to pay high insurance premiums, but they don’t want to give health care to the children of those people.

Anyone knows that minimum wage is barely enough for a family to survive in today’s economy. The high cost of health care is out of their reach. The constitution guarantees that a prisoner’s rights are not overlooked. Does a child or student of a low income family have no constitutional rights? Where is the justice in this scenario?

When a person that has purposely committed a crime has more rights than an innocent child, there is something wrong with our society. The constitution should give equal rights to everyone, not a select few.

You can no longer claim and eighteen year old child as a dependent on your income taxes. Most insurance companies are now dropping children when they turn eighteen years old. This takes away the opportunity for parents to continue coverage for their children while they are still in school.

Most students will be in school until they are into their mid twenties. A parent would rather provide insurance for them. This will help them to concentrate more on finishing their education. The government doesn’t want to give them free health care, but it doesn’t want the family to provide health care under their insurance. Where are the constitutional rights of these students?

How can it be unconstitutional for the government to grant equal health and dental care for everyone? The money that is going to other countries is more than enough to pay for a universal health and dental care system for all. This would give credence to the constitution and promote the general welfare, as stated in the preamble.