Should Abortion for Underage Children Require Parental Consent – Yes

Abortion shouldn’t even cross the mind of a young woman. In a perfect world, all children would get along with their parents. If a young woman got pregnant, she would first tell her parents about it. After that, a decision would be made. Too bad this world doesn’t exist.

If a young woman didn’t want to tell her parents, she may find herself at Planned Parenthood. This is a confidential place a teen or someone who is uninsured can go to receive medical attention. The problem? They tend to push toward abortion.

As an authoritative figure, the young woman would assume the doctor knows best and go ahead with a decision that may haunt her the rest of her life. When the parents are not involved, they have no other opinion to listen to. To make matters worse, if a teen doesn’t have to tell her parents, she won’t. When did family get thrown out the window?

A teen needs a parent in life. Emotionally is just one way in which a young woman needs her parents. In order to get a driver’s license, a tattoo, a job even, parent approval is needed. A teen is not able to make big decisions alone. This is why the voting age is eighteen. While a young teen may feel she knows it all, she simply doesn’t. We all thought we knew it all at that age, only later to find we didn’t. Not even close.

Pregnancy is a big deal. Emotions change and a teenager in this position has every right to overreact. They don’t have a right to make a life and death decision. Not only for the unborn child but for themselves. Abortion is a risky decision that needs to be weighed carefully. Complications can occur and medical decisions may need to be made by a family member…a PARENT!