Second Careers for People over 60 Retirement Careers

Retirement is not an age, but a state of mind. If you are over 60, and still want to work, then it should be your choice. Many companies offer retirement to employees, who have tenure. This means that a person, 60 years old and younger, might retire from their normal job. This gives them an opportunity to persue another career for their later years. What are some second career choices?

The teaching field welcomes people over 60. Their knowledge is priceless, especially if they have worked in the business field for years. Some of the most needed teaching jobs are mathematics and science. If a person can fill the requirements for these teaching jobs, they can have this second career. Substitute teachers are needed in education. This allows the retiree to teach whenever they can, and not be obligated to a full time teaching position. Trade schools and adult education centers often look for older individuals to tutor and teach.

Another career field that is wide open is the medical field. Any job in the medical field offers job security for a second career.

Tax preparers are needed, especially around tax time. If you worked in an accounting field, this type of job is ideal. It is a career choice for the person who likes figures and dealing with people. Once in the field, the preparer can work for a firm or as a freelancer.

Writing is another career choice for the person over 60. Freelance writing allows for travel, research, and dealing with people. It can be a full time career or part time.  It requires as much time as you want to give.

If you like to travel, a career that is often overlooked, is one in the travel industry.  People who have recreational vehicles often work at State or National Parks greeting visitors and taking fees. This career offers travel, a job, and a chance to make new friends throughout the United States.

Greeters in the retail market are needed. This might not be a luxurious job, but it is very rewarding. It gives you a chance to meet others in your community and work with younger individuals, also.

Since years of business experience are on your resume, some business establishments hire mentors for their executives. This job includes giving seminars and lecturing.

There are many volunteer opportunities, also, if your finances allow.  These are career choices for the person over 60.  Homeless shelters, food kitchens, and other charitable organizations could use extra hands. These jobs could use counselors, cooks, and others to assist.

Some people over 60 achieve their dream of owning a business. Many retirees open up a restaurant, service station, or a specialty store. These business ventures often involve other members of the family, and it becomes a means of support for an entire family.

Gentleman farmers are often people over 60 that have retired. These farmers choose how many acres to farm, and what to grow. Some sell their wares and others supply the family with vegetables. 

Retirees over 60 have many choices for a second career. It is the time for dreams to be fulfilled for some.