Resolving the Child Support System in America

Usually, I am on the custodial parents side. I know what it is like to raise kids. Many hidden things such as haircuts, school supplies etc.. really can add up. But in certain situations the custodial parent are just being vindictive with their demands for more support money. Hey, you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip!

I am a female married to a man who supports his two boys with the max amount of child support. His ex wife is horrible. Taking him back and forth every year, trying to get an increase in benefits! In fact, she pays much more for lawyer fees then the extra amount of child support could ever be! The sad thing for my husband is, he has to obtain a lawyer when she takes him to court also because she lies so bad, every single time “but the judge doesn’t charge her for lies”. Isn’t an untrue statement made in family court done under oath?

She has tried every which way that she can to ruin the relationship he has with his children. He hardly has any money to spend on them when they come for visitation, which is every week-end and in fact, every day that they don’t go to school!

This woman has married and divorced another man since their divorce and has had several different “live-in relations”. She worked several years cleaning houses ‘under the table’. Claiming poverty! She now works a job, that she can’t lie about. But she has tried and got caught, in court!

I think that when they do figure out the amount of child support the noncustodian parent has to pay out it should be ‘proven’ that the parent that has custody spends this money on the childs needs! Why should it not have to be proven? Though, “she claims “that “the kids” have to pay their house payment..water bill..etc It shouldn’t be everything for God’s sake..this woman is getting all her bills payed for and her mother buys all the kids clothes at yard sales! It seems that if a ‘man’ has custody the woman doesn’t have it as hard, in fact, the judge seems to be much more easy on the poor women!

I know that they say that both parents salary is put into a computer and then add it all up but The man seems to come out the loser every time. I do think it is horrible when you have the deadbeat parents that don’t pay any support because Kids don’t ask to be born. Having a split home is hard enough without having to feel they aren’t loved by both parents. but, be fair to the guys..Let them have a life too..