Reasons a Lawyer would Hire an Expert Medical Witness

Having legal representation is essential when fighting litigation. Regardless if it is the defendant or the plaintiff, both want the best representation possible. An attorney bears a burden of responsibility to their client. Part of that responsibility is fully exploring all the details of the claim, or the crime.

When litigation occurs it could be for malpractice, assault, or even murder. Of course, these are not a lawyer’s area of expertise so it is essential they employ the services of a medical expert witness. A medical expert witness can be a registered nurse, a doctor, a psychiatrist, or a medical examiner. A professional from any field of medicine may be called to help discern the medical aspects of the case.

One of the most popular choices among personal injury attorneys, medical malpractice attorneys, and insurance attorneys is a legal nurse consultant. A legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse that has completed the certified legal nursing program and has learned all the ins and outs of working in a legal environment.

Legal nurse consultants are an excellent choice for attorneys because they are much less expensive that keeping a medical professional on staff. They generally work on a contractual basis so the firm is not expected to pay for health care or even guarantee full time work.

A legal nurse consultant, like any medical professional, can offer a degree of insight due to their knowledge of the medical field.

A person on trial for murder may contest how the victim died. At this point it is necessary for their attorney to hire an expert medical witness. Many times it will be a doctor or a medical examiner. The testimony from these types of experts can help pinpoint the exact cause of death. It can help clarify the circumstances of the injuries. In some cases it may even confirm (or rebut) the time of death.

All of these pieces of information make it easier for the attorney to know the facts of the case and present better representation for their client.

If an insurance claim is brought forth the insurance company may want their attorney to review the case before they pay out, especially if red flags have been raised. The claimant may make multiple claims, the circumstances may be suspicious, or the insurance company may simply need more information to determine the amount to pay out, such as in a double indemnity clause.

At this point it is essential that the insurance company’s attorney hire a medical expert witness. A doctor or legal nurse consultant can help the attorney determine if the insurance claims have any merit. They are able to assess the injuries and determine if they match the claimant’s deposition.

Using a medical expert witness allows attorneys to do their jobs better and ultimately saves the insurance company money by not paying on fraudulent or inflated claims.

A medical expert witness is valuable to attorneys in a variety of practices from medical malpractice to criminal defense to insurance. Hiring an expert medical witness gives attorneys the ability to garner more facts about a case and build a strong platform for their argument.

There is no way for a lawyer to know all the details of medical-based claims. Hiring an expert medical witness is an excellent way for them to gather that information and use the pertinent parts to serve their client.