Ponzi Scheme

Is it really Bernard Mad-off that should be at fault here or is it our greed that we should consult with. Mad-Off has done what most of us would have done and that is creating opportunities for him and his families. Can anyone say that he’s the only one to blame, when some of his clients new that his actions were not totally legit. Yes, it may have been true that some people had no clue but no one can say for sure that those folks were not looking for return on investments that was impossible to achieve.

As a society, we often shift our opinions in favor of popular thinking without further analysis on our own account. And by continuously doing that, it had led us into formatting our minds to think in three dimensional when they can be more. So, I suppose a clear understanding of Mad-Off case would require detail information which us the public do not have. Therefore, our only source of information is what we’ve been condition to believe from the media, which is OK but should that be our only medium to make a conclusion.

We’ve heard it said before that you only get what you asked for. So then my question to you is, did Mad-Off went looking for those investors or did they came looking for him? Yes, one can argue that at the beginning he had to do some sold searching to get clients. However, the truth of the matter equals, most of them came to him looking for return on investments that was ridiculously impossible to have achieved. Now, from your own conscience, can you honestly placed all the blame on the scheme artist or would you be considerate enough to notice that greedy investors played a big role in the Ponzi scheme as well.

All human beings are faceless, until they let their internal face shine forth outwardly. Well, I guest we all saw Bernard Mad -Off internal face manifested itself on the day he got caught. Most inverters new absolutely nothing about Mad-Off before investing their money with him, all they sew of him was his reputation, a faceless attribute.

Now, the first thing an investor can do to protect himself from falling victim to ponzi schemes, is to stop being greedy. However, the most important function prior investing your money into any commodity is to know the value of what you’re investing your money in. Most often inverters are not realistic, they’re too superficial and they don’t pay attention to the fundamentals. As an inverter, you must have a good understanding of the economy, knows what effects the economy and why. You shouldn’t sorely listen to your broker’s advice to know where to invest your money. You should have other alternative sources to guide you through your decision process. Making such practice applicable, you’ll be able to foresee the intention of your brokers internal face, greed will then be to you a reminder of false pretense.