Placing Surveying Cameras along the Streets

I can see cameras on highways, I can even see them in industrial zones or commercial zones. And I can understand the reasoning of putting them in neighborhoods, but I’m just no ok with the idea of Big Brother watching me in my house. And you can’t tell me that they can put a camera with a 200x optical zoom, with digital computerized correction on a street corner in any neighborhood and NOT see in your house. Ok, maybe not your house, exactly. Maybe your neighbor’s? Maybe mine?

Not that I’m worried about them catching me committing a crime (or maybe I am, not that it matters. It’s still MY house.) I just don’t wanna become the next unwitting porn star. Or I don’t want my wife (or my daughter, in a few years) walking downstairs after taking a shower to grab her robe, forgetting that the window’s open, and being there for someone we have NO idea who they are to look at.

Cameras on the streets are nothing new. Many of us have gotten a speeding ticket in the mail with a picture of your license plate and a computer readout of our speed from a stationary radar/camera setup. I’m not worried about that.

I’m worried about neighborhood cameras watching my wife and daughter, or my neighbors wives and daughter. It’s like the creepy kid across the street with the binoculars. Plus… imagine the bill the taxpayers are footing when I shoot the lens out of that expensive camera, and overpaid government workers have to come out and spend time and money replacing it, FIFTEEN TIMES because I don’t want Big Brother watching me.

Maybe you’re not doing anything wrong, and maybe forgetting the towel was an honest mistake. But maybe the guy behind the screen monitoring the camera is a little hard up for money, and voyeur sites are paying a premium. Maybe you wouldn’t do anything wrong, but maybe he would?

Just a little something to think about.

If they don’t trust you, you shouldn’t trust them. Keep the cameras where they belong, stopping speeders and robberies. Hampering violent crime in industrial areas. But let your own home security system monitor your property. It’s the land of choice, if I want cameras around my home, let me choose.