Online Shopping Disadvantages

The question as to why people still shop in stores whereas they can still shop on-line still disturbs many researchers. No, it is still not time to say that shopping at stores is a thing of the past. People still like to shop at a brick and mortar outlet and many such outlets are springing up across the world. There is absolutely no way this is going to be a thing of the past. So, why do we still shop at stores when we have the convenience of our computer, Internet and a cozy sofa coupled with a hot chocolate waiting at the table?

Some people will do personal shopping because of their shopping needs are while others do not really know the importance of shopping on line. People would do shopping on-line not because they like but because they do not have a choice. The shopping markets could be situated quite far from where they live. So, what exactly brings shoppers to the shopping paradise?

Physical appeal

One of the reasons is that people like to look at things physically and touching them for themselves. This is one aspect no on-line experience can beat. Shoes, clothes, jewelry and many other items are best purchased when you see them face to face. You will only get the best product according to your size and fit when you really experience the item. When you shop on-line, you are merely given a catalog with picture perfect models posing and you may make the wrong choices.

Ice age shoppers fear fraud

On-line shopping means, on-line transactions. Many banks are still thinking of ways to cut the queues at their physical bank. Internet banking, wireless transfer, phone banking and such facilities still bring hesitant citizens to the bank itself. Hence, how can we say that shopping at a store physically is out completely! Their fear is not without reason. Hackers are on the loose and you just need one site to make your information public before you start your money leave your hands almost instantly.

Anonymity suspense

It is the very anonymity that people fear. At least, at the stores, the seller is there physically to sell you the product. And you can always go back and exchange if you do not feel your product was what you thought you were buying. It only takes seconds to close down an on-line shopping site.

Developing nations prefer storefront purchase

Another reason is that not very many people own computers with Internet facilities because they are not as affluent. The fear of the unknown is prevalent in the minds of the citizens of developing country. Since their country is developing the importance for infrastructure and quality imports pave the way for more outlets to open rather than shut down.

Retail Therapy

Another reason for not shopping on-line is that some people just want to leave their domains and see outside world. You may be stressed out from your work or family life and need a break. Many of us find the solace in window shopping. Once we go through the malls and compared a few prices, without particularly buying or even planning to buy, we feel better. This is called retail therapy. Also, the interaction we can have with the store people as well as the fellow shoppers can be priceless.Hence, shopping malls are here to stay.

Miscellaneous reasons why shopping at store is still preferred

Shopping on line could be cheaper and saves a lot of time but shopping in stores in person still stands out and makes it easier since one only needs to o the store with cash in hand and you do not need to worry about things like fraud or any other danger that is experienced on-line. Some of the online shopping could not have the things you require at that minute and which you can always dash to the store and get very easily. In shopping online, a chance of getting a variety of goods is slim. In stores you are able to get a big chance of varieties and different sizes of shoes or clothes.

In conclusion, brick and mortar stores are still alive and will be for a very long time to come.