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Online banking reviews: Lloyds TSB

Lloyds TSB has one of the best online banking systems in my opinion after trying several different banks and finding many different problems Lloyds is the only bank I have tried and have had no problems with. Although Lloyds offer lower interest rates than their competitors their online banking is fare more secure and reliable.

Certain online banking providers such as HSBC are a little too protective and use the wrong methods for keep your money save, for example they put a hold on your account if there are too many international payments going out. Keeping your money safe is extremely important however the bank putting a lock on your account  every time there is too much money going out can be a huge pain and time wasters. Lloyds TSB usually give you a call before putting any hold or lock on your account which is always more efficient and professional, especially to anyone who doesn’t want to waste their time going into the branch to have their account unlocked.

One of my favourite features about the online banking at Lloyds is that you can change the names of your accounts to suite what you want to use that account for, for example car savings, birthday money etc. Another fantastic feature of the online banking at Lloyds is that you can setup bill payments and arrange them all in one place! Lloyds call this bill manager and it also enables you to receive email alerts when new bills arrive, decide how much and when to pay, keep a record of all your bills and communicate directly with the companies who bill you. Regular offers by Lloyds are posted when you first log into your online banking on the main page which is great to know when you can get great deals with your bank such as, 30% off when you purchase on your card at selected stores, new savings account etc.  

Overall Lloyds online banking is a fantastic service that can help people keep records of their bills and keep their every day lives more organized and efficient. Layout and design is pretty simple and boring however this is the least valuable point with online banking, considering everything is extremely reliable and efficient then design value means nothing. Lloyds TSB is one of the most reliable online banking services simply due to how smooth everything works with your account, simple features such as bill management and the ability to change the names of your accounts is what stands out and makes Lloyds TSB the best online banking option.