Medical Service – No

No, the government should not pay for ALL the medical care for the United States of America people. As a nation, we need to learn to take care of each other more and we need to stop trying to leave some of us behind, but there is some medical care that the government should not pay.

Medical services should be free with limits. The government should have a limit on the regular visits for adults and unlimited visits for children up until a certain age, anything in the limit the government should pay. The government should pay for proper eye care for all. There should be free surgery for those who are having health problem, but surgery for the vain should come out their own pockets. The government should not pay for a tummy tuck just so that a person can look good in a swimming suite or a nose job just so a person can TRY to become a model.

Everything we do in the United States is taxed, our property, in many states our food, utilities, clothing, water, and so on. This means that a big piece of our monies goes into the government, and a great deal of it is used to pay our over paid government officials. We have made it easy for others to go to any doctor they choose and most of us cannot afford to have routine check-up. Our system has made it easy for the Big Wigs to take their children to specialists, while others have to get care where they can. This is a very unfair act on the United States part, which they have let get out of control. So, yes the government should pay some of the medical services of its people, but there is no way that the government should pay all.

Will it be fair to ask the government to pay for every face lift or hair removal surgery that our very talented, but over paid actors and actress wants or for every broken bone a stunt person get in the making of a movie? No, this would not be fair because this is supposedly, why they are paid so much. It would not be fair to ask the government to pay the medical cost for pro sports or high power executives; these are people whom can afford medical costs. These are costs which they can afford because we as fans, movie goers and television watchers have helped in paying the tabs that allow them this luxury.

All the Big Chiefs in government can come up with a plan that would help so many people with medical needs, that they would be surprise at the positive reaction that they would get in return. Common sense will tell them what to pay and what not to pay. Come on, people it is not rocket science, it is just, common sense.

No, the government should pay for all medical care of the United States of America people.